FE_Builder_GBA -- If you have any questions, attach report7z

Alright, thank you for the information.

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I have a small cosmetic glitch where the Leadership Star icon does not display properly:

Your item icon slot CA is empty


leadershipstar uses ItemIcon 0xCA.
Put the star icon here.

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Got it, thanks.

Hi, would it be possible for you to add a patch
for conversations in the preparation screen
like FE9-FE10 please?

I have seen Snakey1 has already made this:

having it implemented in FEBuilder would be
(as any other thing) much more comfortable.

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Has anyone recently created a save expansion that can support levels above 31? I know this question has been asked before but the last time I saw it being asked when I searched for it was over a year ago so I’m just wondering if there’s been any updates.

Also just wanna say thank you 7743 for all your hard work with FEbuilder.

Supporting large-scale rework requires hard work.
For the time being, I think you can directly install by EA.

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There are more than 31 implementations for parameters such as Power, but I’m not sure if any implementation can exceed level 31.
The level 31 limit is related to the data structure of UnitPlacer as well as the save data.
So I think it’s quite difficult to fix.

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In response to Klokinator’s design proposal, I changed screen design.

Unit Editor

Class Editor

Item Editor


So I’ve installed the Add Event: GetSupportLevel, SetSupportLevel, ClearSupportLevel in the patches menu. And been attempting to use them in a TALK event instead to raise them with a command.
image (Unit 1 is Eirika of course and Unit 2 is Seth)
Though I’ve input this command right before the EVBIT_T+ENDAA, in both talks (as either can engage them), but neither seem to give any indication that their Support has been raised, nor does it show it in the player info menu. I haven’t altered anything in the support thresholds either. Does anyone know what may have went wrong? (I’ll try to make a report 7z if I can?)

As I always say, I can’t understand without report7z.
Think about how much effort it takes to reproduce it.
With report7z, I can reproduce it in an instant.


Yeah my apologies, didn’t know how to send it but here it is:

I haven’t looked at the report file yet, but maybe this can help from personal experience:

  1. Both characters need to have a support relationship and conversations established.
  2. Both characters need to be in the player army. If any of them is a green unit support won’t increase.
  3. If everything goes well it should show the support increase in the unit screen.

That’s exactly what I thought myself, because I tried it with two characters who didn’t have a support at first then made them support partners. But now in the one I sent, I just tried it between pretty much Eirika & Seth. Both of which are player units from the start and of course active else they can’t engage in a talk to begin with. (Which by default they can, but it just doesn’t increase their support after the talk convo is done)

Can you explain how to manually update FEBuilder?
Also does the program bring all the files of FEBuilder in an update or only the outdated ones?

This is an issue with the “NAME.en=Display All 8 Weapon Ranks” Patch.
This patch displays 8 weapon levels, but as a side effect, the Support field is overwritten.
Therefore, even if the support is achieved, it is not displayed on the screen.
You can check the Support field by Uninstalling this patch.


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Download the latest version from the FEBuilderGBA project on github.

Expand the 7z archiver.

Overwrite All file in the existing FEBuilderGBA directory.


Automatic updates do these automatically.

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I’ve created a shortcut to make it a little easier to set the map type.
Press the tile selector Alt + C. Then select the tile you want to copy, and press Alt + V.
Then select the tile you want to copy its type, and press Alt + V.
This will allow you to copy the tile type.

I hope this makes it a little easier to set up.


Thanks a lot but the automatic update takes a long time to extract for me and I may have found a faster way to manually do it. Maybe you can add these manual update instructions to the top?

  1. Download the latest archived version from the FEBuilderGBA project on github.

  2. Open the archive with a file archiver program (7Z, WinRAR etc.) if you don’t have one you’ll need to install one.

  3. Don’t extract with slow Windows file explorer instead click extract at the top of your file archiver program and extract all the files from the archive to your FEBuilderGBA folder and overwrite your folder’s files.

One more thing I don’t see the new weapon, class, and character edit screen for FEBuilderGBA when using FE6.