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The server on which I have FEBuilder GBA is the shared server of Japanese remodel FE.
This server uses a free service called uploader rental service.
This server is returning a 503 error.
Therefore, to solve this problem, there is no choice but to change the server.

Currently, FEBuilderGBA does not have a server.
Therefore, we need to find a server that can be used free of charge somewhere.

I think that it would be better to create a web service that allows you to easily submit ups patches if I make it very much.
Please let me know if you know any good free server, VPS service.

It might be a combination like Google Colud small instance + cloudflare.
However, I’m worried because Google Colud will be charged for communication with China.

There should be some here

it change nothing

I originally posted this in the wrong thread but I meant to post it here. Anyway:

Can anyone tell me why I have lost the ability to assign skill by unit in FEBuilder? It was working fine even just a few hours ago, I have been using FEBuilder for months. All of a sudden the data does not load in “Assign Skill by Unit”. I do not know what I changed to make this happen. This happens in all roms even clean FE8 with just skills patch applied. I have tried different versions of skills patch, and also downloaded previous versions of FEBuilder and they are all the same.

The skills still work fine in game but I do not understand why this change has happened in FEBuilder for seemingly no reason. Even on different versions of the software. I cannot edit the unit skills because I do not know where the data is located.

It looks like this:

I’m sorry, it seems I made a mistake.
This problem was fixed in Version:20180616.18.

I noticed that this Support patch isn’t in your catalog for FE8U, it’s got a few useful differences from the current one.

Some new fun: I skipped my blogs the last two weeks to bring a noobified patches section. I added new tips for almost every patch, renamed many of them to more accurately represent what they do, found some more authors/sources, and added a tag to each for easier sorting. I also renamed a few files so similar patches are closer together in some cases. I’d like to do more in that area, but this has taken enough time already for the moment. As an example, now if you want to find any patches related to music, just type in: “Sound” and…

This is “complete” until the System Image folder, so if anyone wants to try it out prior to 7743 patching it in (if it’s acceptable to them), just unzip the file, and replace all the folders in the FE8U patches folder until the SYSTEM_IMAGE folder. This is based on the update prior to todays.


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I am confused as to whether this fix should be merged.
(I wanted you to consult before implementation.)

I do not know whether to create a tag in the name column.
In addition to NAME.en, INFO.en is also a search target, so I think that it is better to designate the search word here.
For example, how about adding it to the end as follows.

INFO.en=This patch will change BGM of battle.\r\nTAG:BGM,MUSIC,SOUND,BATTLE

Or perhaps we should create a search column completely.
There are several words that point to similar things, whether it is BGM, Sound, Music or something similar.


I have not implemented TAG yet.
I will make it later.

INFO has already been searched, I think you can search.

categories, controversy occurs depending on which patch belonging to multiple categories is to be done.
Therefore, I want to match multiple words by specifying multiple words like a tag rather than a category.
It is the same idea as searching “detail menu”.

I am confused as to whether this fix should be merged.
(I wanted you to consult before implementation.)
I do not know whether to create a tag in the name column.

I agree, I was hoping there might be some feedback to see if people liked the info there or not. I think the info in the name column can be helpful for scanning through patches at a quicker pace because you don’t necessarily have to click on the patch to know the category that it falls under.

A new column could also be made that aligns next to each patch for tags. This could show the first tag but allow for multiple followup tags for search functionality. For tagging, I’d simplify down to as few tags as possible so all music related patches as “Sound”, all event related patches as “Event” and all image related patches as “Graphics” (although I currently separated this out to “Images” and “Animation”.

Version: 20180617.23, I could not merge, but I fulfilled your request.

I made it possible to click “Filter:”.
Click on Filter: to select TAG.

Set the tag as follows.

Since it is a text item, you can specify multiple tags.
I tried to add a # like a twitter hashtag.

For now, I define three of #IMAGE #ENGINE #SOUND.

Version: 20180617.23, I changed the skill processing part again.
This time, I also tested the operation, so I think that there is no problem.
But if there are any problems again, please let me know.

Cool, I’ll just run the txt files through a program that replaces the string NAME.en=xxxxx:nbsp with NAME.en= and submit an updated link in a few days when I’ve got some time.

Hey there, first of all great job, you made a really nice tool!
I’m using it and I like it a lot.
I have encountered some problems though.
I’m trying to use GOTO_IFCNA to trigger an event only with a specific unit. Unfortunately it didn’t work.
I looked into a vanilla chapter and the way it’s written is like so :

Branch_if_character_is_not_active[Unknown][0x00] condition ID [0x09] Unit[0x00] GOTO_IFCNA)
And then _01 (which is Eliwood’s Char#) is written with it’s binary code being : 01000000

I tried with this # and it worked for this character.

However, if I try this with another #, FEBuilder understands another command, (Like showing a Background with 05000000)

So I looked into HxD, it looks like this normally :
4E 00 00 00 09 00 00 00 05 00 00 00
09 being the condition ID
And 05 being the character #

And this is how the FEbuilder command writes it :
4E 00 00 00 09 00 05 00
So all I know is that the command forgets something.
I know I could edit this by hand with the hex editor. But It would be handy if the command could do it properly!
Could you help please?
Thank you =)

Could the patch from this post be added to the patch section for FE8U?

Also, I noticed that the character editor for FE6 now only has 48 entries by default now (it should have 226, I believe?) While this was probably just a mistake, and it’s still possible to edit the other entries by increasing the “Count” number at the top of the editor, it would be appreciated if the default number of entries to edit was increased back to where it should be.

Forgive me if I sound demanding, and thank you for such an amazing program!

Fixed in Version: 20180618.20.
Fixed a bug in the number of unit editing screens of FE 6.
It seems I made a mistake when I fixed it a while ago.
Thank you for reporting the bug.

Could the patch from this post be added to the patch section for FE8U?
I implemented it as “Base stat based promotion for reclassing” patch.

This seems that I made a mistake.
Fixed in Version: 20180618.20.

This is incorrect.
(The instruction code of FE 7 is shifted between FE7J and FE7U.)

4C00XXXXYYYYZZZZ	Branch_if_character_is_not_active[XX::Unknown][YYYY:IF_CONDITIONAL:condition ID][ZZ:UNIT:Unit](GOTO_IFCNA)	{JUMP}	{J}
4E00XXXXYYYYZZZZ	Branch_if_character_is_not_active[XX::Unknown][YYYY:IF_CONDITIONAL:condition ID][ZZ:UNIT:Unit](GOTO_IFCNA)	{JUMP}	{U}

I fixed as follows.

4C00XXXXYYYYYYYYZZZZZZZZ	Branch_if_character_is_not_active[XX::Unknown][YYYY:IF_CONDITIONAL:condition ID][ZZ:UNIT:Unit](GOTO_IFCNA)	{JUMP}	{J}
4E00XXXXYYYYYYYYZZZZZZZZ	Branch_if_character_is_not_active[XX::Unknown][YYYY:IF_CONDITIONAL:condition ID][ZZ:UNIT:Unit](GOTO_IFCNA)	{JUMP}	{U}

Thank you for reporting the bug.

Cool, nice job keep it up! thank you!

Keyboard shortcut for FEBuilderGBA_EN

Knowing these three shortcuts will improve convenience.

Ctrl + K
Click the “Write To ROM” button in the item that is currently being changed.
For event script etc, click “Change” button.

Please change it and use it when it is troublesome to push the write button one by one.

Ctrl + W
Close the current window.
For pages opened in tab form such as event scripts, close the currently active tab.
Unlike Ctrl + F4, only the currently active tab is closed.

Pause (Break)
Go to the main window.
Since FEBuilderGBA opens several windows, please use it when you want to return to the main screen immediately.
It is like a home button on a smartphone.

Another new document.

Please refer here if unknown error occurred when remodeling made using FEBuilderGBA.
With “Connect to emulator” you can identify the event to be frozen.
Using “FELint” will display a list of bugs that can be detected automatically.
Using “Difference Debug Tool” you can get a comparison with the backup version that worked correctly.

If this still does not work, you will be backing up from backup.

However, before returning from backup,
please create report.7z with “problem reporting tool” and ask to the community.

Thank you once again!

edit: resolved

In line 3, #incbin.

#incbin "Class Base Promotion Gains.dmp"

ORG 0x2BD50
#incbin "Class Base Promotion Gains.dmp"   //<-THIS

//This is the graphic that resets the level.
//Change to ping to the new level (usually the same)
ORG 0x736DA
SHORT 0x7A18

I do not know why this can not be used.
I am trying it with EA ver 11.1.
What version of EA do you use?

I switched the Event Assembler core in the FEBuilder settings to a more up-to-date version and it seems to be working now, thank you!

Sorry, that was a silly mistake on my part.