[FE 8](Full-Length) The Eligor's Spear v.1.0 release

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There is no recruitment/gaiden guide yet. However, recruitments should be straight-forward since in the stats screen you can check who talks to whom. In addition to talk convos, many units join automatically at the start or end of a chapter.

As for gaiden chapters, the recruitments for unlocking them are mentioned at the start of the chapters where you can unlock the gaidens.

I can, however, make a recruitment/gaiden guide for folks who’d like to know ahead of time what to unlock and when.

It’s alright, i won’t bother you with a guide just for that. But still, thanks for your piece of advice!

Also, i just reached “On the run”, and i like the seemigly big branching the game offers!

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Okay, I got to chapter 9 and just had to stop. I was playing on normal mode and having no fun at all with this. Did anybody besides you playtest this? Maps felt like they had very specific solutions to them, despite having multiple pathways. On the snow map with the three promoted horse bosses, for instance, I first tried going right at the start, wanting to take out that early ballista. But this aggro’d 6 wyverns, along with the reinforcements showing up, and it was clear this path simply doesn’t work.

But that’s only part of it. The biggest thing I disliked about this hack was the map size. Maps are consistently very small, and more importantly, cramped. There is almost no open space in this game, which makes it really difficult to maneuver my units effectively. And since enemies hit hard and are very accurate, having my mobility options crippled by constant chokepoints and corridors made for a very frustrating experience.

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This is where the route split would come into effect, except that in the current release you really don’t have a choice. You can take a sneak peek at the other route before getting booted back to title screen.

This map has a bit of battle of attrition going on. You can’t just charge in and kill enemies as you go. It’s more about whittling the enemy down little by little and in doing so creating an opening you can then use to advance.

This is an intentional design choice. I wanted to avoid the “big empty” kind of design. Additionally by limiting space it’s easier to create scenarios where enemy attack ranges overlap and you can’t just run away or bait them one at a time.

I’m sorry to hear that. Even so, thanks for playing and giving this hack a try!


It’s great that you are willing to play so many hacks and share feedback, Krash, but this type of commentary is rude and largely unhelpful.

I’d recommend you try being more constructive than just pointing out how bad of a time you had with it. What would you do differently? What would you recommend changing? The post reads like you’re bashing the work vs. offering anything that could improve it. Was there anything, an idea or concept, that you liked that could work better with a few tweaks?


That was a legitimate question, because of what I followed it up with: I felt that the maps had solutions that were not very clear for the player, but would be for the developer, which would happen if only the developer tested the game.

I would recommend changing the map design, but given how the small and cramped maps were an intentional design choice, there’s no point in recommending that.

Hey brother man, just started a hard mode playthrough. Going to record my runs, the failed runs and successful ones (featuring bad editing and no commentary?). So far done only the prologue map.

The video can be found here. You can skip to 28:35 for the succesful run, other parts of the video are the failed ones.


I left some notes to the description, but going to share them here as well:

  • The strategy used to clear the chapter in the video has been consistent. Doing same steps have net same result 3/3 times. However, certain criteria need to be met:
  • Camian needs to get hit by the ~59 hit zombie for the boss to aggro him. He would die to the boss, if he got hit. The boss wight attacks him, so he needs to dodge 30 hit to survive. There are some fluctuation in the enemies stats, so Cam’s hp might be at 12, but same strat should work even then. As long as the boss can deal equal to/more damage than Cam’s remaining hp, he will be targeted over Avanni.
  • There were couple of cases where I could’ve moves units in a more optimal way to get full benefits of supports. However, the hitrates were reliable enough even without them.
  • There were also times with I could’ve used the weapons more optimally, namely the gargoyle kill after the boss. Not sure if I will get screwed by missing a couple of uses in a weapon :wink:
Maybe a typo?


Yeah, I like the chapter. On hard mode, it seems the left path is very hard to make it work. After failing a couple of times, I just decided the ditch the idea and try to figure something out of the right path, since it offers much preferable terrain and enemy density.

Even on right path, getting all treasures required very specific positioning on every turn. While I understand that it may seem like the solution doesn’t offer much leniency, the type of “puzzle” element appeals to me. If there are more consistent strategies, I’m all ears, as I’m not sure if the minor AI manipulation is part of the intended solution, but it worked for me.

Next chapter coming hopefully in a couple of days.

Edit: There was also a ~48 hit dodge from Cam.


You’re correct on that the intended solutions for this map don’t make use of manipulating the AI. Nonetheless, I’m intrigued by how you got through this map. You’re also right on that the map can feel very puzzle-like, but I tried to make sure it’s beatable regardless of the path you choose or how the enemy stats fluctuate but also that no RNG manipulation or lucky dodges are required.

You had the right idea when you unlocked the first door and sent Avanni and Cam there. However, what I prefer to do here is to immediately unlock the next door, then use the Longbow and Handaxe to take down the dog or the Mogall - both options should work. This puts you into much better position to fight the boss Wight. The left hand side is actually the one I prefer when playing this map.

The right hand side is much more tricky. You basically have to use the Longbow to kill the first Revenant, and then move Cam all the way down. You’ll be using the Longbow to kill both Gargoyles as well, as well as getting rid of the two Mogalls with Avanni using the Short Bow.

If it turns out the fluctuating stats are causing issues in early game, I’ll have to reduce Hard Mode bonuses for those chapters. They’re not huge as is, but given the type of gameplay I’m going for, even 1-2 points in a stat could make a huge difference

In general Hard mode can at first feel more puzzle-like especially if you wish to 100% clear the maps by securing all side objectives, since your options for weapons and units are much more limited. This issue is later alleviated, however.

I’m glad you found enjoyment despite (or rather in this case due to?) the “puzzliness”. And yes, that is a typo, thanks for reporting.


I saved villagers from 3 of the houses in the survive/defend chapter
But after their gift events, the game still said I let them all died and penalty of 20000 (welp that penalty can be avoided by spending all moneys tho)

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Thanks for reporting, I’ll look into this bug.
@Ribombee sorry for tagging, but do you still remember which villagers you didn’t save? Thanks!

Alright, back again with another episode of Eligor’s Spear, this time with awesome chapter 1!

Hah, just kidding. Testing if the prologue left path is just as, if not more viable and consistent than the right one. Turns out it actually is.

Here is the video. Some notes were left into the description section, but I’ll post them here anyways.

  • I showcase myself “using” a vulnerary even when the unit doesn’t need it. It is there to show that if you hit by a low hitrate, you can pop one there to keep your hp high. If you didn’t get hit, gimme some of that rng babyy!
  • There were again some unoptimal use of longbow. After opening the door, Avanni needs to have short bow for the mogall to attack Skylar. You don’t really need to attack the mogall with the longbow though. Don’t do what I did, do what I say.
  • You can defeat either axereaver or lightbrand skeleton with relative ease. It doesn’t really matter which one. Lightbrand one might be faster, since you can attack it on enemy phase it as well.
  • Camian needs to dodge one attack from the boss wight (39 hit). I put him to the pillar for the extra avoid. I think thats the only “rng” heavy part, but not sure if you can just pop a vulnerary at the next turn.
  • Enemy stat flactuation matters less here than on the right path, I think.

If anyone even watches the video(s), and you’d like commentary with the run, let me know. I can try provide insight on the strategies used.

Also, I might not update every chapter clear video here. A let’s play thread or something might be more suitable for that.


Bottom village
It got destroyed bu cyclops later
It would be too crazy for me to attempt, brave lance flyer is scary

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New patch v.1.1 is up!

Patch notes
  • Typo fixes
  • A droppable vulnerary in the first three maps on all difficulty modes
  • The bug with the villagers in Nightmare’s Grasp has been hopefully fixed

Hard Mode:

  • Small tweaks to Prologue chapter
  • Various tweaks to chapter “Nightfall Ambush”, including new Hard mode-specific dialogue hinting towards a change in strategy

Easy Mode:

  • In chapter “Nightmare’s Grasp”, the Strigoi boss has Silver Lance instead of Brave, and the Maelduin boss has Swordreaver instead of Swordbreaker

I’m trying another mods right now, but this one is going to be my next one.
After playing so many mods before, I sometimes got a little too excited and unconsciously expect too much lol, so I have some questions before I test this to either lower or raising the bar of the expectation hehe…

  1. Is there a skill system here?
  2. Is the promotion have branches like the vanilla FE8 or linear one like FE7 and FE6?
  3. Is there an unreasonable amount of enemy reinforcement here?
  1. No, only vanilla FE8 skills are in the game
  2. Branches in the style of FE8
  3. It depends on the map. Some maps where defeating all enemies is
    expected to be impossible have large amounts of reinforcements.
    These types of maps tend to be either Escape or Survive maps.

Hope this answers your questions, and if you have more, feel free to ask!

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The route split seems to be broken, there’s no way to run off with the spear without the game crashing/restarting, at least on easy mode.

I tried the game on normal, but I couldn’t get past the enemy density of the Pirate Ship level without losing a unit.

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Naah the route split isn’t broken. I think you only get a preview because I would assume that route isn’t finished yet.

Hi there,

If you mean how you get booted back to title screen, that is very much intentional. It’s not playable on any difficulty in the current build. The other route is on my to do-list, which means features added some time in the future. I might add a disclaimer at the beginning of the first post regarding the other route not being available yet.

This is correct.

Is there a particular part on the map that is giving you trouble?

I just got past chapter 6 (barely…) and I have to echo what Krash wrote. I’m only playing on normal mode because what I’ve read suggested that you’d probably want knowledge of the hack before playing that, but I still found the difficulty up to this point pretty brutal, since the characters you get seem pretty vanilla FE7/8, while strong promoted enemies like the rangers/berserkers are massive threats and you have to move really quickly through a narrow map.

I first tried it by splitting the party to get to the village and the hermits hut, but found that I couldn’t deal with the right side without bringing everybody, after replaying I barely managed to talk to him with everyone going to the right side (the berserker having a swordslayer made him extremely tricky to deal with, could maybe stand to be a hardmode exclusive thing imo).

I have to ask what the intended strategy here is? The map before that was already rather tough, but at least you still had your Jeigan and healer. Is early promoting most of your units intended? If that’s the case I think you could include some more classic hints to that like having the promo items already in the characters inventories (Gerrik being the classic example), because (in my experience/ out of people I know) people rather promote at 15~+ in hacks they don’t know the endgame of.


Hello, and thanks for commenting!

Difficulty is intended to be pretty brutal. With that said, there should be wiggle room in how the maps can be beaten. It comes down to more methodical use of your units: not only you have to take into consideration which units to use for kills, but also what kind of enemy phase they’re going to face - which enemies can attack them and how much damage do they do. Checking enemy attack ranges, stats and equipment is vital for success.

Early promoting is an option, but by no means required. Even so, you can get perfectly viable endgame units even if you promoted below 15. If you find yourself in need for another healer, you have several options. I’m not sure where you’re coming from with the critique regarding promotion items; player units after chapter 4 join with their promotion items in their inventories.

The hut is best saved for last. If you still have your pegasus knight here, you can secure the village with him. Just be mindful of the ranger nearby, and take into account that he cannot move to the closed village tile. This is not absolutely mandatory, but it saves you headache. The berserker carries a swordreaver because that makes baiting him harder - dealing with him requires more conscientious effort.

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