Do hallway traps exist in FE7?

So you know in the Oreola chapter of FE6 with the magic stuff travelling down the halls that dealt damage?
And the Tower of Valni corridors that inflicted 10 damage?
Is that trap in FE7 too and FE7 just never had a use for it? Or did they remove it, then bring it back in for fe8?

why don’t you disassemble it and see


Hector’s underground level had poison holes that would spit out a path of poison.
Not sure if that’s what you’re talking 'bout or not…

Nah, he’s talking about the light beams that shot down from the top of the screen in FE6 (gaiden chapter with Douglas where you get Aureola) and FE8 (Final floor of the Tower of Valni).

On that note, do those door traps in the final gaiden from FE6 that did (10 - def) damage exist in fe7/8?

Hm, count me interested then, to see if it’s still in the code despite being unused.

It’s probably in there unused; fe6 has it and fe8 uses it
It’s pretty rare for IS to be diligent enough to remove things like that entirely

the floor traps I’m not so sure though

Yeah, if we’re talking about unused stuff, IIRC, the animation for the knight/general triangle is also in FE7 and 8.

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That’s fe6’s knife trap.

knife trap?
fe6 has a knife trap…?

Only in the last gaiden chapter where you get apocalypse. If you stand in a doorway, you get hit for (def - 10) damage.

I always thought it was a spear popping out from the wall, but maybe I’ve not looked at the animation enough… (I’ve always avoided them myself)

You are right.