[Discussion] Hiring People, and Prices

I don’t see anything wrong with paying for content.

I like to make things. I suck at art. I am not a musician. Asking someone else to make art or music for me means that if I want anything of quality, I have to persuade them to take time out of their day to make a thing for me. From their perspective, it is entirely possible that after they make me X number of portraits, I won’t even use them. What a waste of time!

So, instead of wasting their time, I pay them money. Not only does this help incentivise good work (When someone pays you money, you have more of a stake in creating something high quality since it would be poor form to not put actual effort into that thing) but it also ensures that if I flake out and don’t make said project, their time was not wasted. They earned money and thus even if their portrait or music is never used, they can still go out and buy a movie ticket or a nice steak meal.

Similarly, I think it’s dumb to look down on people who put their skills behind a paywall. If BwdYeti says “I’ll make you battle animations but it will be $200 for each one,” then he is guaranteeing he won’t have any flakes hitting him up for requests, his time is well-spent, and people who pay are serious about finishing their projects.

The only thing I don’t like is when people make something cool they don’t plan to use and then say “nobody can use this.”

It feels petty. I’m not a hypocrite, since anything I’ve paid for or created has always been free to use or edit. I feel like if you make an animation and you plan to use it in a hack, saying “guys don’t use this” is fair. A nice thing would be to use it in your hack first, then make it free-to-use. If, however, you never intended to use it in the first place, then why not release it?

The last point is relatively moot, since Circles’ excellent leadership has pushed the community towards more of a “sharing is caring” philosophy, which I greatly appreciate. I mean, just look at how many animations people made and shared this year! Well over 200, by my count!

tl;dr Money is important. If you don’t have it, your weapons will rust.