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I’m making the Berserker, so I put a Linus reskin as placeholder.


Hey DerTheVaporeon I have two questions


You have made someone progress with the erika and Linus animations?


You go made one reversion of snipers and rangers animations?

Is all of my questions


Linus: He’s about to be done, but I have to do a thing before I move onto Efrimette.

Revised Snipers/Rangers: Not really sure about either; Nuramon had made a Sniper, and I think there are people redoing the Ranger. I think.


Der please make me an anim of ricardo milos but as a great knight, no armour tho.


ok thanks my friend but i think you need make one reversion of the sniper and ranger

you are a good animator i am secure you can make one amazing reversions of is animations

thanks for the answers.


I… really don’t feel like it right now, but Ninja’ll be next, since the Linus anim’s nearly done; just needs scripting.

In the meantime, have a hold of this.


The more I look at my starting date for this, the worse it gets.

Like, what f*cking demon possessed me into doing this?

Shoutouts to Greentea


Bara boy looking chad af


@DerTheVaporeon two things i go to say

First: I remeber for what i say to you have the plan of make one reversion of snipers and ranger is
for your archer repack

Two: Someone progress with the centaur animation?


*inhuman screeching, BLJing towards Dread Isle*

Sword_000%20(8) Axe_000 Handaxe_000 Basilikos_000 Durandal_000 Disarmed_000


Shoutouts to Greentea, Klok, Peer, Nuramon, and Pikmin


I want to add that I might get onto it someday, I’m currently dealing with a lot of things at the time.

I’m fixing their upper body.

Wait, when did I…?


Henlo DerTheJolteon please remember big promise you made to me to make Armads Wrys yes thank you