Crazycolorz5's Dump of ASM Crap

Thanks a lot. I’ll test this (along with the “heal active unit” hack) soon, and I’ll let you know if they work. :slight_smile:

I confirm that both the “Harm target unit” and “Heal active unit” hacks work in FE8.
Thanks so much @Crazycolorz5, you’re da boss!

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Any reason why character Y can’t be on the player team as well? Just curious…

Edit: @Crazycolorz5, I just tried out the condition, and it… doesn’t appear to work? The game appears to take the “true” path rather than the “false” path regardless of whether my unit X is rescuing unit Y. Just to double check, I call this using IFAT conditionID offset+1, correct? While changing the 01 to the rescuer and the 02 to the rescuee?

Okay, I’ll check it out. It’s probably something stupid.

Edit: I think I see one problem with it. I’ll fix it later; not in a good position to code/compiler right now. Do you mind if I have a copy of your rom with this inserted in events so I can test myself?

Is X Rescuing Y has been tested to work in FE7; I assume it works in FE8 as well since it’s the same algorithm, just different table offsets.

Confirming that this one works; however, as of this time of writing use IFAF instead of IFAT but pretend that IFAF is actually “if condition is true”, if that makes any sense. Discussion held in this thread.

@Crazycolorz5 Would it be doable to:

  • change the main lords’ portraits upon promotion (like, for example, in Radiant Dawn)?
  • play a different ally/enemy battle theme based on the chapter, instead of a unique theme for the whole duration of the game? (again, like in FE9-10)

[quote=“AlfredKamon, post:20, topic:216”]

  • change the main lords’ portraits upon promotion (like, for example, in Radiant Dawn)?[/quote]

I don’t believe so, since the portrait is part of the character data in the ROM.

I think this already exists. I don’t know much about how music is selected though; try asking someone else? This one sounds doable.

If you were to make a change characters hack like the one I have in this topic for FE8, you could achieve this(probably would only work for forced promos though, since you wouldn’t have any way to pinpoint when a character promotes or what class they’re becoming).

I’d imagine it could be an evented promotion, like Eliwood/Hector’s promotion in their respective routes. I’ll take a look at porting that thing over to FE8 then.

There’s only one problem: the Supply command. I think it’s hardcoded to 0x01 (Eirika) and 0xF (Ephraim) in their respective routes. Should I copy Fa/Shiori’s data to a new character slot to change their portraits, I’d lose the Supply command as well.
It wouldn’t be a problem to fix the autocursor with Cam’s assembly hack for lord shifting, though.

It’s an interesting hack anyway, and could be useful in different kinds of situations.

inb4 I figure out how to change the supply command to work with any number of characters

… maybe someday.

Yeah of course, it’s a quite stupid amount of work for a simple portrait change. Don’t worry 'bout it, man. :smiley:

…you could technically load a character id set aside for the “promoted” lord during the cutscene, shift them to the lord data and have the stats and items transferred to the “slot” with the promoted character portrait.

Though that would require that the character slot has the storage and “seize” lord attributes as well.

The convoy hack seems to have a side effect: it clears all the units except the Lord, and it makes it impossible to load any other units after that.
…That’s why I’m using it offscreen at the end of my events as of now. That way, it works.

Uh oh! It shouldn’t do that! I’ll rig my testing events to load like, more than one unit and then try it out/debug it.

Edit: I am unable to replicate this error. If you keep having it, could you please send me a ROM and save state/file and you events? You’re making sure to call the asm routine offset+1, right?

Yes, I am.
Anyway I should prepare the ROM and the save (I’ve worked around the problem so I should replicate it now) and since I’m having an exam tomorrow, I won’t be able to pass you the stuff today.
We’ll get back to this soon. :wink:

P.S. I’m also using Cam’s lord shift hack in the same chapter, if that has any relevance.
Also, does the specified unit need to be loaded when calling the ASM?

FADI 0x5
_SETVAL 0x1 Eirika//set Fa as the lord
ASMC 0xoffset//Cam's lord shift hack
_0x1322 0x7FFF//fade out music
_0x342A 0x0//clear all ally units
_0x342B 0x0//clear all enemy units
_0x342C 0x0//clear all NPC units
STAL 0x80
_LOAD1 0x1 clearinventory
ASMC 0xoffset//Crazycolorz5's convoy hack
_LOAD 0x1 afterbattle
FADU 0x8

UNIT 0x42 0x75 0x00 Level(20,Ally,False) [27,03] 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00000 [0x78,0x3F,0x6D] NoAI
UNIT Empty

//more units
//UNIT Empty

I wanted to clear Shiori(0x42)'s inventory. I put 42 instead of 01, then I pasted the data and called the offset+1.
However, after the FADU, none of the “afterbattle” units are shown, except for Fa.
Removing the ASMC lets me load all the units as usual.

May…be… I’ll be able to check out the error once I have the ROM. And I have battle routines to analyze and modify, so no rush.

Check out my P.S. anyway, perhaps there’s some useful info there.

See you soon~
And thank you for all the hard work you put into these hacks!

I leafed through Cam’s autocursor code, and it doesn’t look like it should interfere with mine. I’ll just sit tight until I get a ROM/save.