[COMPLETE] [FE8U] Fire Emblem: Shackled Power (33 Chapters, Version 1.334. Easy Mode Available)

Thanks for letting me know. I’m not sure what would cause this but I’ll keep it in mind in case I run into something similar during future testing.

Okay. Also, as for chapter 14, I ended up recruiting this Pegasus Knight in that chapter. Despite her coming in with pretty good stats, I found her to be way too underwhelming tbh. She comes in with 3 con, and almost all the spears in the game weight more than double of that, which really screws over her usability. I suggest bumping her con up to at least 6, just so she won’t get weight down by those spears that heavily.

It’s been a while since the last post, but there’s no stronger way to come back than with an FEE3 presentation:

This is the second year that I have participated, and what’s shown here is a far more respectable product than what I had last year. Back then I was just trying to gather my footing and make something solid to show. Palettes were glitchy, all mugs were of low quality and I just let it be seen without any real plan for what would happen next. It was a haphazard piece that barely qualified as a demo. In the time since then, the bar has been raised heavily for what hacks need to have to gather an audience. With so many more pulling attention in all directions, just having something complete isn’t enough anymore.

Have I had doubts about Shackled Power having enough? Yes. Is that going to stop me from finishing what I’ve got and turning it into something real? No, of course not. And that’s not something that should stop you either. You don’t need a team to complete something now if you put in the effort. We’ve all got our demons in development (Battle palettes are mine). Going solo is definitely tough, but it’s been very rewarding every step of the way.


As for me though, I’ve completed four extra chapters and added them to the link in the OP. These included what are by far some of the worst ideas I have ever had, and will definitely need some extra playtesting to iron them out and make them as fun as possible. While it’s possible to do everything else solo, you’re not going to practically cover everything hundreds of different players could think of.

There’s very little left in the game. I have most maps ready for the rest of it, but there are definitely some that I am planning on overhauling. The end of the game is where I can pull out all the stops in regards to enemies, so I’m looking forward to what I can come up with.


Beyond the upcoming chapters, there are very few support chains left to write. There’s about 3 characters’ worth of them left, and that means a lot less that’s going to slow me down. At some point I want to add a few casual talks to some previous maps, but that’s a lesser priority over getting the entire game testable and playable.


Ever since the previous showcase I have been taking many of the old splices and creating custom portraits to replace them. It definitely gives things a more professional feel. Over half the playable cast and some of the main antagonists have them now, so I’m more than halfway through with those. It’s definitely a lot of work, but it’s improved my art skills a lot.

Similarly, there’s another few custom battle animations that I’m planning on, but a few aren’t going to be in the final testing build. There’s a few more that I’ve thought about (I.E. important story characters like Peirhok and Fulshir) but those I cannot prioritize at the moment. Maybe in another patch after the game is first released.

I’m sorry that I don’t have a lot to say, but that’s all that’s been going on. Just work upon work to bring this to all of you. This is likely going to be the last build that I post on FEU though. At this point, most people are likely just going to wait for me to finish this.

I’ll post a few progress updates on this page in the meantime. As college and life beyond it are pulling some stuff on me lately these may be a bit infrequent though. If you are interested in testing these final chapters and seeing development progress directly, I’m always happy to have more people to talk to on my Discord server. You can check it out in the OP.

Once again, thank you all for seeing this out. And special thanks to Dainn for recording the FEE3 presentation with me. It was a ton of fun to see things play out live, especially with the insanity that went on.

Be sure to enjoy the rest of FEE3!



Glad to see that your project is on FEE3 and glad to see some progress about it. Wish you luck with the progress and hope that you take your time with it.

P.S. Having bombs in this ROM hack is going to be a blast. No Pun Intended.

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Hey, I’ve just updated the download link with a new patch. This doesn’t add any extra playable chapters, but it does sort out some early-game oddities and bumps that I feel should better represent this hack before it fully launches. Difficulty curves are fickle things.

While I can’t give an exact time-frame on when this will finish, the current rate of progress will likely lead to a Summer 2022 release. Hope you’ll be looking forward to it.


hey, I’ve been playing your hack, and it’s pretty neat, congrats, I hope you get to finish it. I have a question if you could help me with it.

Spoilers maybe

The difficulty on this can be quite challenging , and I dont know if i’m getting too screwed on the stats, but several characters are levelling up like crap unfortunately, and I’ll use that as an excuse as to why I couldn’t visit all the houses on chapter 10… so I’d like to ask, what’s on the far right house? cause I couldn’t reach it, and is that the house of Eddie’s family? does he have a unique dialogue in there, did I missed a relevant item by not getting there? anyways, neat hack, the dialogue is not my cup of tea, but the gameplay is quite fun.

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Hey there.

The house you missed on Chapter 10 had a Silence staff. The lower house is Eddie’s (Will be moved more northwards in a future update) and he will get a different item if he visits it. Sorry to hear that your level-ups are crap, but I’m glad you’re having fun playing it.


Am enjoying this hack, but chapter 8 has been pretty miserable, purely because of the bolting mage at the start. He’s unavoidable, and you can’t bait him out slowly with a pure water or whatever because you’re on a clock. He does enough damage that any other attack on the character that gets hit will result in a death, and his AI is smart enough to not get fixated on the wrong target. And you’re facing wyvern riders and mages who will have equal or greater range than you, so you can’t perform an alpha strike on the surrounding mooks so that there’s nothing left to clean up your bolting-ed guy or advance at all without putting your units in harm’s way. It just means that, even assuming you take exactly 0 damage in the player phase you will certainly take at least one hit from an enemy, and then it’s just a 50/50 coinflip to see whether the bolting hits and kills them. Been a really unpleasant, unfun map so far.

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Sorry to hear that the map has been a terrible experience for you. For some advice on getting through it:

-If you recruited Clint in the previous chapter, he can pretty effortlessly deal with the mages with his Vedava. It will be very difficult for them to hit you with it equipped, and what gets through will do very little damage.
-You don’t necessarily have to fight the wyvern at the start on the first turn. There’s room to avoid both it and the Purge tome, so he can be dealt with later.
-Trading around the Pure water will allow multiple units to benefit from its effects, letting you divide the enemy’s damage more easily.
-For taking down the Purge monk, utilize 1-2 weapons, Lou’s longbow or Eileen. Most of your characters can ORKO him because of how much the tome weighs him down.
-Utilize your light magic users especially to handle the shamans and at least weaken them enough that another unit can finish them off without fear of retaliation. Utilize Pure water when necessary.
-In a last resort scenario, you may have the chance to promote Lou at this point and utilize the sheer power he gains to help you through.

It’s definitely a bit of a step up in difficulty due to there being a lot of enemies that can abuse Haban’s natural weaknesses. Hope this advise lets you have a better time or at least gets you through this.


Okay, I have beaten the map now. Part of the problem seems to be that I’ve benched nearly every character you’ve mentioned as being useful for this chapter. I’m not sure whether this is just bad luck or whether the chapter really does require a very specific team comp to get through, will have to let others give their feedback. Luckily, Clint at base level pretty much solos the whole map, so I was fine, but I’m not a fan of the “one silver bullet character or item is how to beat the level, oops you don’t have them/used that item? Guess you’re screwed” kind of level design that a lot of romhacks go for.
Still, the rest of the hack has been pretty good, so I’m chalking it up to a randomly bad team comp.

Thanks for responding. And a minor bug note - on chapter 12 the far left treasure room’s door only responds to Prosel’s pick on the right tile of the sprite. The left part of the door doesn’t open when pick is used on it.

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Glad to hear you got through.

I actually encountered that bug in Chapter 12 a few days ago and it’s been fixed. But thanks for telling me.

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When do Prosel and Marilyn get their (presumably) story promotes? My other characters have been comfortably promoted for a few maps now, and I waited until they were at level 20, too


Prosel and Marilyn can get their promotions after Chapter 18.


Right, thanks


Happy 4th of July, people of FEU! With an explosive day comes the final steps of making an explosive romhack. Shackled Power is now playable from start-to-finish!


But it’s not going to be here just yet.

What I have is about 95% of a complete game. The final boss needs animations, some supports aren’t finished, balancing needs to be done all around and some glitches need to be sorted out. To do parts of this while I handle the assets, I am looking for some private playtesting to go through and find any blemishes I missed while making this.

For now I am taking down the download link since it is outdated. I don’t want to put the current game out here in this state since I don’t want this to be the first public impression of the full game. If you are interested in playtesting, please come into the Discord right “here” where the download will be. I am not looking to inflate my population. I just need to get feedback in a controlled and interactive manner. I hope everyone can understand my view here.

That said, any help I can get to make this hack as good as it can be would be much appreciated. If you want to help:

Small Things

-Glitch Hunting
-Battle Palettes (I’m rather bad at them)
-Proofreading (I hate it)
-Informed Opinions
-Cool Screenshots to update the main post with

Big Things

This stuff is entirely optional to me getting this thing out and I’m not gonna beg anyone to do them, but they’d make the product more appealing.

-New Battle Frame
-New, better world map
-New Cutscene Music
-All New Item Icons
-Video Editing Knowledge/Help to make a badass trailer for FEE3

In return for some of the big things I can provide custom portraits. Below is every playable unit in my hack if you want a clear range of what quality I can reach and which kinds of designs I am the best at.

Playable Unit Portraits (Spoilers, Obviously)

It’s been a massive journey and I can hardly believe I’m this close to finishing it. Please just be patient for a little while longer and you’ll have something both new and fun to play.

Enjoy the 4th! (If you celebrate it)


I am sooooo hyped for this one! Been following this one for a long time and am ecstatic to play from start to finish! Good luck with the last leg of this incredible journey and happy 4th!

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Good stuff! It’s always cool to see a project near completion. Good luck on the last bit of dev. :slight_smile:

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Hello again. Wanted to update things as FEE3 comes closer.

The game has been beta tested and is currently being polished to get rid of annoying script formatting and other such auxiliary things that would impede the main product. With this, I’m prepared to fully release this hack soon. It’s almost certainly going to be sometime in November to leave time for everyone to play the stuff that’s coming during FEE3. I hear it’s going to be real stacked this year.

I’ve updated the OP with new screenshots. The old ones came from way back when I only had 2 chapters fully completed. Now it looks much more like what it does now.

It’s been almost 3 years in the making, so I hope that my hard work will shine through once it’s all ready. See you again then!


Yoooooo cant waitttttttt

Will there be a detailed recruitment guide for this game

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I helped to anchor the ending of FEE3 with this trailer for the hack. Check it and the rest of the event out if you are so inclined.

Parts of this trailer are a fair bit outdated right now. Loads of battle palettes were redone, and it lacks this nifty battle screen made with the aid of Sokaballa’s technical knowledge:

The thumbnail punchee will also be getting a new battle animation:


The goal is to have this and a few other small things done by the end of the month, then the hack will be [COMPLETE]. The main post will be updated with all manners of extras, such as a recruitment and base stat guide. Hope to see you again then!