Character and Chapter-specific battle themes hack

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Huh, never seen that before. Are you using NM1? Maybe try adding a line with “255” (or whatever the line count is) to the start of the .txt files?

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That was the issue. It’s working like a charm now, thanks!

There is only one thing that I’m not happy with the character-based hack.
The fact is that it has higher priority than boss themes or generic enemy themes.
Is it possible to find a workaround where the character’s theme plays only during the player phase, while having the generic enemy theme during the Enemy Phase when the character is attacked, and always having the boss theme in both Phases?

tl;dr Giving the character’s theme the same priority as any other allies’ theme

If you give an enemy a personal theme it should have priority over a player’s personal theme. As for making it player phase only, it shouldn’t be too hard.

at the moment, any non-generic enemy theme will override any player theme

i’ve been meaning (for a while) to go through and clean it up and add, say, priorities (as these were the first and second ASM things i’d written ever), but I haven’t had the time

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@circleseverywhere Hmmmm let’s think about it…

It’d solve the problem regarding bosses, but not the one regarding generic enemies…

Making it play only during player phases seems a good solution.

@CT075 's solution is great as well, since that way it’d be possible to decide whether the theme should play in both phases or just one…

Hey I’d like to download this patch but the links don’t work for FE7 could you put them back up please?

here is the link for character themes

here is the link for chapter themes

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Buildfile compatible version for FE8

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Links are nuked. Is the FE7 chapter version available anywhere by any chance?

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