Can anyone make an Elibe World Map for FE8?

I’m making this rom hack that’s based on Elibe but on an FE8 rom, since it has more features.

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I’m pretty sure you can just use FEBuilder to Export the Elibe world map from FE 6 or 7, reformat it per the tutorials given below (Mechanically FE6 is usually like 7 with a few minor differences), and then import it to FE8. It may take some tinkering but it should work and it saves a lot of work over making one from scratch. Worse case scenario you can make one yourself, but you’d still want to Export the Elibe map from FE6/7 to use as a reference point.

FE7 World Map Tutorial
FE8 World Map Tutorial

Hope this helps, and as an aside, people generally don’t take it kindly when you ask them to do work for you :wink:

If you have any questions though feel free to ask! The people here are more than glad to aid someone who’s willing to learn.

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Oh thanks this should help

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