Adding/Changing Affinity Icons

I’ve been trying to add new affinities on FEBuilder. This is easy enough when doing it on a vanilla Sacred Stones ROM. However, when trying to do it on a ROM with the Skill Systems patch installed, it stops working. For reference, I simply extend the list to 0x0B, then, I open up the Item Icon Editor and change the Member Card to a Heaven affinity. Then, I give it to a character. Lastly, I load the game to check to see if it has worked. I would have liked to include images in my post, but apparently FEUniverse doesn’t allow it (???). Anyway, a sword icon is where the affinity icon is supposed to be. Has anyone else encountered a problem like this before? I can’t imagine I’m the only one who has ever tried it.

The mythical Blade affinity…

New accounts have to exist and do stuff for a bit before they can post images & embed links, see here:

One of the things that the skill system does is change how icons work to support skill icons, and in doing so enables separating different kinds of icons onto their own sheets rather than needing to share one with item icons. You can edit the image it references for affinity icons using the patch IconRework AffinityIcons(Requires Skill System Patch). It seems that the patch won’t allow you to increase the size of the image, but if you were to insert an uncompressed extended icon sheet image and repoint the image to your new one it should work correctly. Because which icon is used directly uses the affinity ID, there’s no need to link them together in any other way than putting them in the order you want.

Alright, well, that helped me change the icons. However, I still seem to be restricted to only 7. When I try to import the eight Path of Radiance icons, I end up with the game not properly identifying the boundary between icons. Is there some way to fix this? Using 7 affinities isn’t the end of the world, but it would be nice to have more.

About add some icon data.
If you just want to change the data by overwriting rather than adding data, it is very easy.
But, if you want to add data, it is difficult.

In the case of SkillSystems, it is quite difficult to do it with FEBuilderGBA because the icon rework gets in the way.
There are two main possible methods

Rewrite icon rework data using Custombuild

If the icon rework of SkillSystems is interfering with your work, you can use custom build to replace SkillSystems itself.
However, this will appear to be a problem in future updates of SkillSystems.

Embed only the image data in EA and write only its pointer from the patch.

This method is to embed only the image data in the ROM and describe its address without going as far as CustomBuild.

In either case, knowledge of Png2dmp and EA is required.
If it is just a change, not an addition, it would still be easy even if it were IconRework.
2 is less damaging, but I think it takes a little more work to create the data.

Alright, well, I’m starting to think adding more affinities is more trouble than it’s worth. Thanks for your help, though, there’s still things I can do even if I’m stuck with seven.