A Letter from the FE Fan Game Community

that’s pretty rich, you referring to people as a mob.


Great idea man, a fantastic way to give to charity whilst also moving forward from this mess as a community. Would like if I could

I only saw one tweet and it only had 1 like, I doubt many people saw a tweet, unless there’s another I didn’t see.

You literally wrote a 5 page essay calling me SJW trash.

There’s a way to be critical without being inflammatory.

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So that gave you the moral righteousness to delete the entire argument, eh? Pretty convenient.

Thank you for really outing yourself as FEU’s biggest bully, today. I hope the mob never arrives at your doorstep, Arch, for that would truly be a pity.

(Don’t worry, this isn’t a threat or anything. After all, vague allusions aren’t threats, right?)

Very late edit:

I actually did not. I called you a SJW White Knight. If you want to imply I called you ‘trash’, that’s a hallucination on your part.



Something bears reiteration: this is not about enforcing demands. It’s about condemning Mangs and his actions. The verbage of the letter could use some revision to clarify this, but I fully stand beside it and my signature for that reason. I was not the lead on any projects that were played by Mangs, but I did have minor roles in several. It is unrealistic to expect him to donate a single cent of whatever money he’s made, but standing by and saying nothing is not something we can do in good conscience. It needs to be out there that we do not stand by an individual who has profited from our work (which was only done for the love of Fire Emblem in the first place) and then gone on to do unacceptable things.

I see we have a lot of new users who have joined to post in this thread. I would encourage you all to read the community guidelines if you haven’t already.


Truth be told I am very confused about how this thread developed. It thought that if there is one thing we should learn from the Mangs drama, it is that others can do better than that. The remaining Fire Emblem communities can step towards a better future. Now people are fighting each other and this has become a real mess. Instead of putting drama behind you are all fueling one giant new drama right now and this is just sad.


Are you really surprised that a post that blatantly broke the rules was removed. I’m not going to absolve Arch of doing the same either, and I’ve already brought it up in the Discord, but literally:


From the FAQ.



Bearing in mind, these are only what I’ve identified as explicit personal attacks. You do it 3 times in the post and then you complain your post, which, breaks the rules 3 times, is removed?


Of course he may have been a bit over the top, but I feel as though the majority of points he brought up were valid. Please look past the insults and listen to reason. You are not helping here. This letter is only prolonging the situation and causing undue stress towards Mangs, who has already tried to distance himself from this. I saw some suggestions to do a charity event of some kind, this is a much better way to give to charity. Thank you for reading


Arch, I literally just signed up here in order to respond to this post. I say this as someone that considers you a friend.

Hyperbolic or no, outright deleting criticism is something I would have expected Nayr to do, but not you. Please reel yourself in and take a goddamn breather.


I’m hesitant to sign something like this only because adding a bunch of “who is this nobody?” names seems pointless. I feel like something like this would be more punchy if it’s backed by names he would recognize, people whose work he has used to grow his channel, rather than people like me.

That said, i do of course fully condemn Mangs’ behaviour. I think it would be hard to accurately represent the amount of money he has made off any individual hacker’s work, but it is absolutely a fact that he has profited off the FE hacking community, and that community asking him to contribute some of that to organisations working for the benefit of those subjected to the kind of behaviour he has exhibited absolutely seems reasonable.

Doing so naturally does not absolve him of any crimes, or otherwise negate his actions, but it would at least be a hint that his claim about wanting to better himself may have a kernel of truth behind it.

So, @Arch, if you think having more names on the list is helpful, add mine as well.

But on perhaps a more positive note, i think a community support thread would be nice to have as well.

I don’t especially care for streams as such and i don’t have a profitable youtube channel so this is just $10. But it’s a start?


Arch, the disagreement is on how to handle this specific approach of holding him accountable for his actions, not on Mangs doing something wrong, as everyone here agrees on that. This is not worth whipping the delete button over.

Klok was rude and the personal attacks were definitively not needed, but I don’t really think his points were wrong and not discussing, he did make sense.


Since any attempt at a conversation failed and that a good part of the conversation is either going off-topic or people are at each others throat, I’d recommend this.


I totally support organizing a charity drive and I’m looking at opportunities to do just that. However, one action (the letter) does not exclude the possibility of doing the other. We are taking a stand to say that we repudiate Mangs for his actions and that we want him to do something positive with the money that he generated playing our creative works that were available to him free of charge. That’s it. People can disagree, but these persistent attempts to twist a well-intentioned act into “grandstanding” and “extortion” are disingenuous. People want to call me a bully? Fine. I stood up for what I believe in.

Some people have suggested that it would have been better to ask him to take the videos down. Great! That would be amazing as well.

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Grandstanding is precisely the word for what this is. You keep trying to wrap it up in swathes and swathes of more and more grandstanding. This initiative is corrupt. It’s predicated on the absurd implication that ROMhackers are owed something, anything at all, even a “how do you do” by virtue of the fact that someone streamed their hack with permission on their YT channel. The levels of self-importance are staggering. Just delete this thread and forget you ever had this terrible idea.


I’ll sign, man. I feel this is a good course of action.

Arch can’t delete this one!


Streisand Effect, buddy. Try to delete something off the internet, people will make it even more visible.

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tbh this is gonna sound weird considering I just replied to klok on why he isn’t reacting appropriately over his post getting removed but I don’t really think it was worth deleting. Although I don’t really blame Arch for deleting it either. But it would be better to just leave it up there for the sake of context since I really doubt klok is gonna repost the reply but in the proper tone.

I’ll sign it anonymously or if anonymous isn’t allowed uh don’t sign me.

But Mangs doesn’t have to donate if he doesn’t want to, and he certainly will not be forced to donate to the point of being broke. YouTube was likely his only source of income and he definitely needs some money to live. Not that he can’t get a job, but I think asking donationa from a man who may not be able to afford it or if donating puts him into financial problems is wrong.

This morality is a complex issue, while I get Mangs did terrible mistakes and is getting condemned for it… the letter while it’s intent is noble may go in the wrong way.

I think doing a charity stream if you can do it, will really help the victims, heck even using the FE3 event if content creators are willing can help.

I don’t claim that he “owes” us anything, the problem is that our works were used to enable him and the perpetuation of his status in the community is what allowed him to ultimately commit sexual assault. We’re not asking him to give us the money. We’re asking him to donate it.