My Tech Demos

This is my history with FE Hacking. It's really been an on-and off thing, though each time I got back into it I progressively learned how to do more difficult things. These are just dates of messages I sent to people asking questions, so it may be a few days earlier/later than the actual event, but, eh.

First Playing a Hack(Gheb Saga) - 28 June 2009

First Meddling Around In Nightmare - 30 May 2011

First Evented, Text Changing, Custom Maps Hack Started - 1 September 2011

Made Most-of a Map With Intent for Ragefest Gaiden (Data was Lost) - 19 February 2013

First Assembly Hacking - 5 February 2014

Joined FEU and Stated To Be Active in FE Hacking - 29 June 2014