Zephiel Animation freezes game

So this is my first post on this website so I don’t know exactly how topics work but here we go. So when I grab the Zephiel Combat animation from Binding blade and replace a playble unit in Fe8’s animations, the animation is fine until the hit where it doesn’t hit at all and it just stops, the music still plays but nothing works anymore, is this a fixable problem or should i just avoid the Zephiel animation?

The original anim can’t be directly used in FE7/8. There’s a fixed version in the animation repo: FE-Repo/Battle Animations/Infantry - Knights, Generals, Armors/[Zephiel-Base] [M] King Zephiel Vanilla +Weapons/1. Sword (Eckesachs FE7-8) at main · Klokinator/FE-Repo · GitHub

now it says the animation is too big and it won’t start the battle it just gives me a error and Screeching noises is there a way to fix this?