Zelda themed mugs (Mipha and Link)

So I really want to make a Zelda themed FE hack - but honestly I’ll probably give up soon and move on to anything else. Anyway, today I started trying to splice/sprite and I’m really happy with the Mipha (she wouldn’t be a character since it wouldn’t be in the same setting as BotW, just wanted to try her as a base for other Zoras) - the Link is pretty bad and I just discovered the huge repo but I’ll post it anyway. Honestly Link was a lot harder than Mipha because I spent forever on the hood and it still looks not great, I think it’s too flat.

Both are F2E :).

Link 1



Yo, welcome to the community, that Mipha looks pretty good.
I’m making a romhack that is going to have a Zelda-like
dungeon structure.(Maybe free-roam world map).

Thanks! That sounds pretty legit. I feel like the potential for more dungeon crawler-y dungeons is pretty underutilized