Your romhack fighting game roster?

Congrats! You get to create a fighting game based on FE romhacks! You only get 15 slots on the roster so what characters would you pick that best represent the romhacking scene? Also include a small explanation on why you chose them and elaborate on their playstyle, if you really want.


imagine anyone omitting kelik from their roster :confused:


How many combos… can you handle?



  1. Kelik - The classic, he’s the Mario of romhacking. Would have the etherium as a comeback mechanic.
  2. Anakin - Adds variety to the TLP rep with magic.

Vision Quest
3. Titus - Main rep for VQ (rip storch, trying to avoid too many sword users lel). Him being an armor means he’d be a heavyweight and would use magic attacks.
4. Honeydew - heck
Kitozawa’s color scheme would be a costume for Kelik.

J&P Hacks
5. Luigi - The legend. Would use his staffplay to create wacky statuses kinda like Hero, but doesn’t care if he’s banned or not cuz he’s Luigi.
6. Ambrose - A spear rep, using long disjoints to get the edge.

7. Beryl - A mix between a glass cannon and a zoner.
8. Troy - Glass cannon to the extreme.

Iron Emblem
9. Commander - Don’t let his generic mug fool you.

10. Radogast - Manakete rep from one of the most popular hacks of the last year.

Four Kings
11. Lionel - A more elegant swordsman.
12. Walter - A rough and tumble axe rep.

13. Theo - Bias cuz when I played he got super spd blessed. Would be a heavyweight axe fighter.

14. Leon Zenair - A more brutal, glass cannon-y playstyle than Kelik.
15. Sphaero - Powerful dark magic, plus his shapeshifting abilities allow him to imitate some foes’ moves like Kirby.


I’d be the fan lamenting the lack of a playable soldier and how Requiem and Dream of Five were mistakenly overlooked

  1. Kelik

2-15. Generics from Road to Ruin


Kelik from TLP.

Buck from Road to Ruin, aka Buttfuck, because he buttfucks his enemies.

You don’t need 13 other units. These two alone will annihilate armies. One for frontline combat, the other for sniping. :sunglasses:


Ezekiel from A Vestrian Tale, bringing his flamboyant style and speedy but low damage attacks to the table he would deal weak poke while waiting for the chance to get up close for some swift combos

Danuwoa The strongest man in the entire world from Lullaby of Lust as the OP unbeatable meme character

Ramm - lady of masks, slow and linear but can take and dish out tickets to the pain train :train2:

Vermilion - Cerulean Coast, very low health and high speed playable chicken :chicken:

Kitozawa VQ - brings in some extremity to the casts personalities as well as his signature move and epic theme music

Agnes - Fire emblem absolution by ZessDynamite
At last playable hackrom fighter game soldier

Darkdrake - of sands and sabres, epic glass cannon myrm

Matthias legacy of sorrow, a tanky lance user with some midrange options to round out the cast

Abdul call of the armour - integrate his trainee properties into his gameplay, promotes partway through the round to start turning the tables on his goes. Initial form is mostly about trying to mitigate damage

And the selfshill, Shawth - Horizons his armour clanks with every step and he will slap you. :sun_with_face:


Tried to make this varied and akin to an actual 2D fighting game. There’s some popular ones definitely missing, but I either couldn’t think of how they could play or they would be too similar to someone else on here:

  1. Siegfried (The Last Promise): Obvious and for the memes. Would likely be a general all-rounder focused on controlling neutral.

  2. Kelik (The Last Promise): Obvious and for the memes. An incredibly fast fighter in all aspects with an okay projectile, but possesses mediocre defenses and damage along with a straightforward rushdown gameplan.

  3. Titus (Vision Quest): VQ needs no introduction. Probably the easiest of the VQ lords to make unique in animations and battle style. A slow zoner with extremely powerful projectiles, focused on locking down specific sections of the screen.

  4. Aderyn (Justice and Pride): One of the earliest FEBuilder hack lords. A faster zoner focused on just peppering the opponent with difficult to traverse swarms of magic. Would have a Roman-Cancel styled system for her special attacks to imitate J&P’s broken Thracia trade.

  5. Zachary (The Four Kings): My personal favorite of the 4K lords and probably the most unique of them in gameplay. Lots of odd mobility options (Wall clings/fast-falls) and loads of mixups, but ludicrously fragile. Would include a slow command throw that always does half the enemy’s remaining health, and likely some kind of system to built towards a powerful install (IYKYK).

  6. The Commander (Iron Emblem): Faceless, but the hack was a fun experiment. His base moveset is very middling, but is focused around summoning in other generic units to control the battlefield and get him in. (Think Juda’s servants in the HnK fighting game).

  7. Serini (Aletheia): Flying lord to cover all the bases. Would likely be a Chun-Li styled neutral monster with a focus on aerial attacks/mobility and be noticeably slower on the ground.

  8. Beryl (Souls of the Forest): One of the most popular incomplete hacks. Mobility-centric glass cannon, with his projectiles being more for raw damage/combos rather than zoning.

  9. Boone (The Lonely Mirror): This roster needs more lances and LM is popular enough. A slower guy with incredible range on his attacks, focusing on bullying the opponent into a bad position and let him go off.

  10. Feeler (Sword of Heaven and Earth): Manaketes are cool, and Feeler is one of the few characters in that hack with a strong layer to them. Would have a weak base form and focus on building up to attacks that utilize his transformation for massive damage. Probably would involve counters to invoke his high defense.

  11. Srihwen (Last Heavenly Throne): For the fallen hacks and a staff lord. Would be able to inflict myriads of status effects (Like how P4A uses them) to make up for her overall weak moves.

  12. Bram and Dewey (Bloodlines): For more FE7 in the modern day. Bram is the main fighter and Dewey is the theoretical puppet, focusing on abusive vortex shenanigans.

  13. Zahhak (Dark Lord and the Maiden of Light): Villain representation with a cool design to boot. Can create traps with his magic/monsters and utilize teleports to get away/confuse the opponent. Sort of like Testament but not broken like in AC+R.

  14. Mikey (Sun God’s Wrath): Because he seems to be a good meme. Would likely center around confusing the opponent and fast but hard to control/Random attacks, to imitate the insanity of SGW.

  15. Prosel (Shackled Power): Because I’m biased. A hybrid grappler that moves very quickly and does lots of damage, but has rather short range on his attacks and low defenses. Would be able to move around with the opponent and have multiple throw finishers once he lands a grapple.


If only we had Brawler and Grappler animations on the Repo :pensive: