Your fire emblem heroes can*er?

So, since book 5 is out, i figured i’d ask the community what their fire emblem heroes cancers are. These are heroes you despise going up against or love using for yourself but everyone hates. I’ll give my top 5.

  1. Brave Dimirti. Due to his tankiness and moon gradivus.
  2. Brave Lysithea. Dark. Spikes.
  3. Frejya. Dark Braclet, need i say more?
  4. brave edelgard. she’s annoying to go up against, lest you have legendary chrom like i do, but still.
  5. Hel. no words needed, i just hate her in the meta.
the whole game is a cancerous moneygrab

at least gambling in older games couldn’t use microtransactions

you want fire emblem gambling? xd

videogame addiction is a cancer to some people, realtalk. :cry:


this tbh

at least it’s not genshin impact, that game’s also a cancerous moneygrab but people will not hecking sHUT UP about it

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Yeah, Heroes itself is very much cancer, but I’m also a degenerate who wants to collect Marth .pngs to kill time on my phone with my favorite series, so I’m part of the problem :confused: (Thankfully he’s mostly F2P and I haven’t spent money)

Hard agree on B!Edelgard, and I’d also throw in L!Edelgard. Even with armor-slaying swords, they’re always the bane of my arena runs. B!Dimitri and L!Dimitri are the honorary runners up in that regard. Any form of damage reduction is annoying, and I’m too smooth-brained to remember when units get extra mov due to BS skills and suddenly zip across the map. Relatedly, I’m worried Reginn is going to get annoying with her Canto, especially since everyone has her. And god help us if Canto is every released as an inheritable skill.

Petition to replace orb summoning with Vesly’s far superior gambling system

I’m a simple man. Jugdral jpegs? Good. Annoying powercreep from games I don’t like as much? Bad. Typical annoyances involve Edelgards, Veronica, and Azura. (Or if we’re going to be a bit more retro, Brave Lyn and her cavalry friends.)


fun fact: each time Eirika activates the slots, she is killed and replaced by a new Eirika.

I was keeping it entirely vanilla so there was no other way to refresh Eirika afaik. I really didn’t want it to go to the enemy turn cause then the whole slot machine walks towards you awkwardly

I feel like it’s an apt euphemism for gambling, actually. Except that her life is expendable. Yours is not.

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Don’t know why Seth was willing to take a Lance for her in the prologue when they had another Eirika already thawing out.

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Heroes may be “cancerous”… but Laegjarn and Reginn will ALWAYS be best girl. Period.

You know, you’re not wrong, they are wholesome cinnamon rolls who can deal nuke like damage if done right.

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Damn right.