You, A Desert Island, and Three Hacks

If you were stuck on a desert island and could only take 3 hacks with you, which would you choose and why?

Randomizers are banned because they feel like a copout answer/I’m a jerk.


1: my own hack, for editing and memory
2: Vision Quest, it’s just fun
3: Project Ember, a really good FE6 rebalance that feels like an entirely new FE (and a good one! suepremacy)

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1: Void’s Blitzarre Adventure, because I’ve a soft spot for it.
2: The Last Promise, for historical purposes.
3: Storge, to give me something with replayability.

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Dream of Five because it has 2 routes :sunglasses:

Honorable mention for a not-hack, FE9 because its slow anims will help pass the time

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1- Wrath of the Crusade
2- Last promise for legacy reasons
3- Bloodlines (if it had a complete version)

I don’t play much finished hacks honestly, WIP hacks have been a interest of mine mostly.

2: THWD2
3: THWD3

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  1. The Lonely Mirror- Pretty replayable and lots of fun
  2. One of the Sacred Stones reskins/remixes/Monster Mash- Creature Campaign makes the game last longer
  3. FE7x if that’s allowed, if not probably that FE9 and FE10 remake floating in this forum somewhere
  1. Code of the Black Knights FE8
  2. Sun God’s Wrath FE8
  3. Project Ember FE6

1º- The heroes we deserve (I think this one was my first hackroom to play, and its really fun)

2º- Myth of Blight (Its not complete yet, but is really good)

3º- Bandit Emblem(for being very interesting and challenging)

1.Project ember
2.Sacred stone master quest
Honorable mention : Sacred war.( would replace it for the 2nd if and only if L’arachel could promote to mage knight)

  1. Vision Quest
  2. Dark Lord and the Maiden of Light
  3. TLP