Yosh's Sprites (animated or not)


This Trickster sprite is so good looking that I made an animation for it (it’s still very basic but I hope you like it and it’s not finished yet)



Wow! Looks good!


Are you ever considering releasing these animations to the animation repository or something?


Dude that’s really good but like. I super would have appreciated if you asked first. Like I’m not mad but please in the future don’t take my sprites and make stuff with them.


I’ve considered it but as of right now I don’t have any concrete plans to do that.


Oh, sorry, I thought that you would be pleased to see your stuff animated, I’m sorry.
I finished all the animation so would you like to have it ?
( I really did not wanted to steal your work )


Don’t worry about it. It is good. But no thank you you can keep it. I plan to animate it myself at some point.


Arg, I wanted to show it to you at least, can I send it in private ?
( Yes I’m like a child who wants to show his ugly drawing to his parents )


You can animate my stuff if you want


You’re welcome to post it here if you wish. I understand wanting it to be seen.

Sorry if I seemed stand offish, I’d just really rather people not edit my work without permission. It makes me uncomfy, my art has been stolen many times in the past so I’m just very touchy about it.

By all means you did nothing wrong, as I didn’t make anything clear. So don’t feel bad or anything. It’s a good animation.


Does that mean he can post the animation and the people can use it?


Oof. Hmmmm. No I’d rather not. Sorry.


Oh ! you can’t know how happy I am to be abble to show it to you.
You know I’m a big fan of you and your work since serene forest, even if I stayed silent, so I really wanted to make this Trickster move.
I really hope you enjoy it :
The sword animation :
And the staff animation :
Credit for the original and many thanks to let me post it : Yoshthethird


Nice stuff, I like the hat tipping


Think I’ve decided on a design for these cleric stills. Comes in cute little hood, and cute little hat flavors.


Cute, indeed. :smile: