Yosh's Sprites (animated or not)


That priest pairs really well with my war monk. The left sage’s cloak is a bit hard to read around the shoulders. Right one portrays it much clearer


For the Sages, I honestly think both are worth pursuing - not every Sage is going to be the same. I mean, compare Bastian to Soren, for example. The left Sage would be a perfect fit for a generic Tellius Sage, while the right would be great for Archanea. Plus, if you have the “standard” FE8 class pathing, a Cleric/Priest promoting to Sage would ideally make more sense to be in the one on the right, while an Anima Mage would want the one on the left (normally).

Though I don’t want to say, “Hey make both because more variety is better than less!”, I’m sure both would find their use (especially to give further differentiation between units).

For the Priest/Cleric, I’m personally leaning towards the right if I had to pick one, though I personally think a blend might work the best? The one on the left just feels a little too Lyon-inspired for me in concept, but if you had the one on the right with, say, a half-length front flap (from the belt going halfway down) on top of the yellow/gold trim slit (like a flop of cloth or something towel-like hanging there), it might be the best of both worlds? (The robe bottom on the one on the right just feels, I dunno, a little empty as it goes towards the right and wants to wrap around, so adding a half-flap that kinda covers up part of the right of the robe like it does on the left Priest sprite might balance it out.)

(For the flap, see the vanilla Monk, except different shape and placement - theirs is hanging fabric after tying their belt, like how you’d tie a bathrobe?)


Oh yeah, I fully intend on animating both sages haha. We had the same idea going on with different mages and/or priests promoting into sages that just have a different look. I was just wondering how they both looked.

The priests yeah, I wanted help on picking one or the other. And yeah, I was going for the RD bishop when designing the left priest, but I noticed how similar it ended up looking like Lyon’s look so I decided to also emulate that. I mean I like the look. I LIKE how the right priest is definitely more new, but I’m having a hard time… liking the way it looks.

I’d love to play with how the right priest looks a little more, but I also don’t really wanna mimic the Monk’s little belt thing. Hmmm.


Maybe you’re aiming for something more like this on the right robes?
(Also you had an unused color so I just threw it on a hair shade)


You ever plan on doing female versions for your myrmidon and swordmaster? Cause damn do they look good.


I don’t think that’s what I’m trying to do hm… I’m just trying to make like a normal robe that like opens down the middle. I only added the white trim because I didn’t like they way it looked with just the blue haha. I’ll play with it more.


I fully intend to make long-haired versions for most of my sprites, but I’m not planning on making any outfit or body adjustments for the sake of a female version.


Wow, I got completed turned around by the focus on the Priest of picking one when I was reading that it stuck with me when replying about both sets. Whoops!

For the sages, I don’t know if I’d entirely agree with Pikmin that the left sage’s cloak is hard to read around the shoulders, but I do think that both shoulder pads and the far collar (the one to our right) could maybe use some minor adjustments on shading?

For the shoulder pad on our left, it’s mainly the two pixel set of lightest skin tone that kinda makes the leather (or at least what I assume to be leather) feel a little bright, while it’s the bottom left pixel of the “L” shape on the far shoulder pad that stands out to me, personally. (If there was room in the palette for a half-shade in between the (255, 198, 148) and the (184, 121, 84) shades* I feel like it’d work perfectly there, since the latter just makes it a little too dark.)

For the collar on our right, I think it’s more shaping of that part of the collar/cape, and the shading tangentially? Since the body has a slight rotation “counterclockwise” into the screen (i.e. away from the viewer, to the right), I feel like the current placement makes it look to us that both sides of the collar are more aligned with a straight-on angle to the “viewer”, which doesn’t 100% line up with where the shoulder and collarbone on our right would be at in 3-D space? Which, I guess, does also carry over to the respective spot for the mantle on the shoulders (not the cape around the neck) on the right-hand sage as well.

I don’t really have too many thoughts on the sage on the right, though to comment on the hair aspect, you could maybe make it happen by tweaking the colors right along the row where you have the black pixel in the eye (though obviously not changing all of them), but I don’t know how well it’s going to visibly come through at 1x zoom - it might depend on the palette. A long haired version (like if a character with hair like Louise were one, for example) could come out between the head and the cape around the neck, but again, not sure how visible it would stand out unless the palette had a stark enough contrast.

That said, and touching back on the asterisk* I left above, I’m not sure if it just hasn’t been quantized yet or what, but you do have some odd color values at the moment and both sprites are sitting at 18 colors (including the background - at least according to the program I’m using), so I don’t know how much room you’d have to add hair on the sprite on the right anyway, unless it was tied to the robe/cape color or if you changed the color of the trim from the yellowy golds to the skin tones like on the sage to the left.

I do like both designs overall - as I said they’re both pleasant enough that I think they’d easily both get use if finished and made public. I do tend to think that the PoR Bishop-style one stands out to me more, simply because it’s different enough compared to the vanilla Sage, mainly due to the headgear, while the one on the left just feels like a slightly more glammed up regular Sage (even though it does have its share of customization going on).

With the Priest, it’s mainly this spot that I feel is kinda… empty? https://i.gyazo.com/790542fa4cdd53e3df1b1d059a3a6923.png Maybe it just needs a little more of the (75, 150, 211) shade to give the right side more shading for curvature?


I’m loving how in depth you’re going I truly am haha.

I struggled with the sage’s pauldrons. Originally they used the same colors as the rest of the cape, including the lightest color that’s used on the sage’s pants. I felt like using the skin tone looked better haha. But I’m actually intending for the pauldrons to look like they’re made of a brassy material like the trims or belt buckle, so I had now issue using the entire skin tone pallet.

ANd yes, if anything isn’t 100% a-okay one the left sage it’s the collar, I just kinda forgot about it but it could use some shading adjustments to be more concious of perspective. Or something. Maybe.

I’ll fiddle with some ideas of getting hair on there and/or see if I can afford to fit in colors for hair.

And if there’s 18 colors I’ll double check haha. I’m sure it’s an oversight on me.

And yeah that was my biggest issue with the priest, it looks too empty. I’ll play with the shading more for sure. Another big reason I added the white trim to the divide in the robe was because of how empty the sprite looked without it haha.


Ohh, I see. Outline might help express that it’s two parts being held together then.


That outline definitely does something to the design, but I can’t tell if it’s what I’m looking for hmmm.

I’m still fiddling with my priest and sage sprites (and I also wanna work on mages) but I got a little distracted and played with my trickster sprite

One is pretty much Awakening’s trickster over the Rogue, and then I made another design to line up with like a “phantom thief” trope, I was mostly inspired by the Black Mage from FF: The 4 Heroes of Light.


I love the top hat! He looks great


The second trickster looks pretty cool!


Tips fedora


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Ecstatic. :eyes:


You’ve befilthed my work how DARE you haha


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The second one is fantastic! Much more unique and original.


Among the things I’m working on, I did another little edit to the Prtiest.

This takes more direction from the PoR Bishop, a pointy closed robe with a trim that goes over another robe.
It seems people liked the closed robe more than the one with the flap so I’ve been trying to make this design work.