Yosh's Sprites (animated or not)

I’m just gonna showcase some stuff I make cause like, SOME one’s gotta see them.
Frankly, I wanna show off.

-An FE13ish inspired Soldier
A bit old, still pretty goood though

-An FE13ish inspired Mercenary
Also old and could really benefit from some polish

-A custom Myrmidon
I HATE vanilla myrm

-A Halberdier based on my Soldier sprite and a PoR Halberdier
Wouldn’t say it’s completely done. Also no crit yet.

-A VERY custom Hero
Not really satified with this one. Wanna do more with it. Soon.

-A custom Swordmaster to match my myrm
One of my favorite animations I’ve made. Vilkalizer helped a bit with the last few frames of the crit attack actually.

That’s all for now I think.


beautiful animations! :smiley:
I honestly like these superior Myrmidons. the vanilla ones are pretty ugly ^^

The only thing bothering me is with the mercenary. the frames where he pulls his sword out are a little bit odd. I think it would be better if the blur from the swing is mirrored vertical, if that makes sense.

Great great hero too btw :smiley:

Hey man, recognize you from dA. Love your stuff! Judging by your comments I presume you’ll be cleaning some up these up? Any hope for a release?


Well that’s a pleasant surprise to see you here, Yosh.
I used to follow your spriting topic over on SF.

Welcome to FEU!

The Swordmaster is also one of my favorites of your animations. Followed by the Hero xD

Myrmidone and Mercenary are good as well but could use some polish as you said before.
Especially the returns feel a bit odd to me.

I got to admit, like Pikmin, I’m also curious about a future release. xD

Either way I’m looking forward to see more of your work in the future.
Keep up the good work :ok_hand:


Hot damn those are gorgeous.


Thank you all for the welcomeness haha. To answer all of you:

@Ottfried Yes the merc needs work haha. I was pretty good at spriting at this point but I still cut a lot of corners and could really smooth this fellow out haha.
@Pikmin1211 Why thanks! I still update dA every now and then but it’s not my fave place haha. And very much these are all old bois that need cleaning up.
@Nuramon Haha thanks. I grew tired of SF’s spriting scene. I mean most of the uh… hmmm bigwigs? Creators that showcase consistant stuff? Etc. don’t do much there anymore. And I’ve known of FEU so I finally popped in.

And woof at the relasing I don’t know haha. Like I’d LIKE to but a few things. I’m contantly revising my works and am almost never completely pleased with it, but like I’m pretty sure everyone feels like that. But also I’m very protective of my stuff?

I kinda make sprites and animations for intention of my own “game/hack” which I’ve “worked” on for years but I’m way more of a graphics guy than writing and coding/hacking.

I WANT to do it all mind you, but I’m a very ̶m̶e̶n̶t̶a̶l̶l̶y̶ ̶e̶x̶h̶a̶u̶s̶t̶e̶d̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶e̶a̶s̶i̶l̶y̶ ̶d̶i̶s̶t̶r̶a̶c̶t̶e̶d̶ busy bee, so I tend to just sprite in my free time haha.

Short answer, maybe don’t expect releases soon because I would want my own game to be special in having these custom by-me-only animations. But also, who knows? My little project isn’t moving anywhere besides graphics soon and I know people like my work haha. I’ve been making some animations for Ghast and I must admit that working and collabing for a project feels better than hording my work for something that may never happen. Sooooo we’ll see haha.


Yeah, SF has gone downhill from what I’ve heard. Most of the cool kids tm have moved over to here.
In my personal opinion I like to release anything for generic units to the public straight away, but anything for specific characters I like to hold onto until the thing gets released. Your work and not mine of course, but people love using shiny new animations.
All that being said, welcome to FEU!


Love your Hero and Swordmaster animations. Especially the swordmaster’s crit. Super neat.
Also like how the soldier keeps mostly to the vanilla flavor, while looking a lot better.

I’ve had this thought before when I’m making stuff (engine hacks, not art), but… Whenever it comes up, I look at everything my own hack is using. The huge pile of open source animations, engine hacks, the wide array of EA tools I use, etc. If everyone kept their stuff to themselves so their own hack was more unique, then… what would the hacking scene at large look like?

I doubt I’d have even bothered to start making a hack, if not for all the amazing free open source assets. When I think about it that way, it’s an easy decision to just release whatever I make. Granted, it’s totally your work and your choice, and you may well think of it differently. Just my two cents.

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For sure you’re both valid and I’m definitely giving it thought. Helping the community and get to see my work seen and appreciated is being considered haha.

Anyway, here’s a bunch of stills I haven’t done much with:


Who knows when I’ll animate them but I sure like most of them.


Those sprites are amazing, can’t wait to see their animation !


I’m particularly fond of this one, since it’s the best designed Dark Knight I’ve seen in a while.

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Yeah, I can relate. I don’t know how active the spriting channel on SF’s discord server is, but having a active channel dedicated to spriting/art was the main reason why I did choose to join FEU in the first place.
You should consider joining too :wink: You may recognize some familar faces from SF’s spriting scene there as well xD

Same here xD I did revise quite a few of my animations too when I felt like I could make them better than before.
That reminds me, I propably should update my old spriting topic here xD

My respect man! Nice stills :wink:
I especially like the war monk, female necromacer and the spartan :ok_hand:

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Making me want to work on my own battle sprites again.

Nice to see you ported over too, yosh. I’m looking forward to some extra good Battle Sprite Comp battles now! XD


Wow! Those look really amazing :smile:
I can really dig the War Monk (although I did animate and release one a few days ago), the Pirate, the dark mages on the right at the first row, and all of the second row.

Your work is really great and it shows a lot of skills. Keep it up. :+1:


those all look awesome!

incredible, I hope you keep progressing and growing : D

Thank you for the compliments guys, I appreciate it haha.

I’ve been working on my cleric/priest and sage sprites recently. Mostly just tweaks of stills, but I wanna animate them soon.
I have a more standard sage, then like an alt version that resembles a bishop (with cues from a PoR bishop and a Shadow Dragon sage). I really like the way they both look. Any thoughts? I kinda wish I had some hair poking through the bottom of the hat with the bisop!sage, but I guess it doesn’t need it too much.

The priest/cleric class I really wanted to do stuff with. I took cues from Awakening’s, but for the bottom half of the robe I couldn’t decide really. One has a look with like a front flap that’s a part of the robe (a la Radiant Dawn), while the second has a robe that like opens up like a real priest. Not sure which I like best.


For the preist, i prefer the left one but I think both of them look really good.

I love the left sage. It just gives him a more powerful feel than the regular animation, like he is more important than all of the regular sages.

That priest pairs really well with my war monk. The left sage’s cloak is a bit hard to read around the shoulders. Right one portrays it much clearer