Yo I'm Darknight 97

You know what it’s kinda hilarious that I’ve been here for two years and haven’t introduced myself.

Just in case you don’t know.

yea that sounds stuck up

I’m Darknight 97 analyst, hacker and a youtuber.
I aim to be a big shot in the community, idk when it’ll happen but like they say the journey’s more fun than the destination.

What do I do?
eh well I write analysis blogs on amino and redsit, playtest hacks, make hacks, make fire emblem videos on youtube, do shitposts, all that crazy stuff. I just cycle through them depending upon my mood and the time I have.

I’m probably known for my obsession with berwick saga to the point where it’s a love hate relationship.

Ig I’m one of the devs of project ember, which is probably my highest achievement ig at the moment.

I made a few hacks wild mode and broken emblem ig rebalances and I’m working on a FE 8 sequel rn…




Omg is that Darknight of FE8 Wild Mode fame


yep I’m that guy

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