Yo Feuniverse! Lurker Guy/Person Here!

Yo people of Feuniverse! My Username’s SIlverManedWolf, or as I go by on Discord, SilverManedWolfBert. I go by that or just “Bert”. Anyway, I’m a what you would call “Novice” Fe8 Hacker. Despite the fact I started hacking Fe8 back when you had to use Nightmare and Feditor(Ik the Buildfiles also existed some before Febuilder, I just couldn’t figure them out). Anyway I’ve had this account for like a month or so, But I’ve just been lurking, watching, and slowly sapping knowledge I mean, Just watching. I tended more to lurk on the Discord, but I kinda lurk on the forum as well. Anyway, apologies for the wall of text. I’m really bad at introductions, and tend to type more then what Is needed.


oh cool, more blood for the blood god

welcome, maybe we can slap the lurker right out of you



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