Y'all gonna laugh cause this is a dumb question (Solved af)

How do I figure out where the XY coordinates are when making tile changes in tiled?
I swear I read a tutorial for tiled but I do not know how to figure this out.

Dunno about FE7, though.


I’m still not sure how this will help figure out where the coordinates are. Sorry if I’m being a bother.
Thank you though.

So here’s some random map

Coordinates should be in the bottom left corner of the window (at least that’s where it is on windows)

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Hahahaha what a dumb question! Lol just kidding XD

But yeah open your map editor and find your tile, and it’ll tell you the coordinates.

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Thanks guys
One more thing though, wat do when its more than one tile being changed?

Oh, derp. I think I misunderstood the question. My previous answer has to do with when you’re putting units on your map or editing their locations in nightmare.

In regards to this question, using the tiled inserter, you use the coordinates of the top left corner of your tile change, and then tell it how many tiles are involved. Markyjoe has a tiled insertion tutorial on SF, I believe; check it out.

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Thanks fam