Writer for a Fan Game?

You may or may not have seen my post earlier about needing a few writers. Well, since then, the game has been coming along swimmingly. The script has just hit 100 pages, so some real progress is being made. Unfortunately, one of my writers had to leave the team as he became too busy to help anymore, and with me getting a job, we feel like now is the right time to bring on one more member to the team. We are looking for one more writer who is both semi open (Can at least write or appear for two days out of the week.) and can jump right in with what we already have established. (We will give you a week to a month to catch up with what we have. After this grace period, you will be expected to write from time to time.) Speaking of what we have, the old overview I provided in my last post does not do our story justice anymore, so here is a new overview to get some of you interested. That is what I have so far. Should mention this is a team effort so they will also be asked to give feedback on others writing in the script and that they should expect to receive some on theirs too

Summary of Plot

The continent of Praejhin was once under the control of a mighty Empire led by King Olfirin the 1st and his Queen, Sapphire. But one day, that Empire fell due to an unknown cause. It came to be known as The Tragedy across the lands, or The Day When The Sun Was Eaten. None knows whether it was a curse laid upon the land, some kind of accident, or something even more sinister, but what is known is that The Tragedy changed the face of the continent forever. Legends say that on The Day The Sun Was Eaten, half of all life on the continent vanished. The entire east half of the continent was enshrouded by a sphere of raging winds as black as the night sky. None could get in or out. Shortly after The Tragedy occured, a new Kingdom began to flourish in the West of Praejhin. Established in the lush green forests that lay on the west side of the continent after The Tragedy.

The Kingdom of Chaiban is currently ruled by King Aelric. Most of the income is earned by exporting its immense amount of lumber via established trade routes along the Rivers. It was thought that no one in the sphere of darkness survived, but 150 years after The Tragedy, the sphere would dissipate and reveal a new empire in the East. What used to be vast open forests now revealed themselves to be deserts after The Tragedy, with the people living there having not only survived the tragedy, but also live in complete isolation due to the sphere that was engulfing them. The newly founded G’rulian Empire would remain peaceful with the Kingdom of Chaiban for a time. The Empire of G’rulu was founded 100 years ago by King Olfirin the 3rd, the descendent of King Olfirin the 1st. At the time, he and his people were still feeling the effects of the Tragedy in full, living in full isolation due to the sphere of fierce winds that surrounded them. Any that would attempt to escape were ripped to shreds. 50 or so years later, and the sphere suddenly vanished, and the current King of G’rulu, King Olfirin the 4th, rejoiced as he and his people got to see the outside world for the first time.

Living in the extreme heat of the desert combined with former knowledge that The Tragedy had once occurred where they now live, the G’rulian people began to prioritize strength and knowledge over all else. Seeking to find not only the truth of the mysterious incident, but also prevent it from happening again. It was also shortly discovered after G’rulu’s foundation that more ruins lie there from a civilization long before the previous Empire. This civilization came to be known as The Seraphims, and it did not take long for G’rulu to become a central hub for scholars, researchers, and ruin hunters from the world over with the combined temptation to learn of the Tragedy and the Seraphims. It is these same scholars and adventurers that provide G’rulu with most of its cash, but G’rulu is also a massive exporter of ores from various mining towns. G’rulu currently has three generals under King Olfirin’s command. General Jianna is known for not having an equal in light magic across G’rulu, General Seger is in charge of the war effort with Chaiban, and General Victoria, the King’s adopted daughter, is in charge of affairs within G’rulu itself. Peace between the two nations has lasted around 50 years since G’rulu was established. But now… G’rulu has grown bold, beginning to invade, crossing Chaiban’s borders. King Aelric, having just lost a General, now holds a mock battle to help him decide who the next General of Chaiban will be…

While all this occurs, a conspiracy begins unravelling in G’rulu that is so large, it threatens not only the fate of the war itself, but also the future of the planet as a whole.

Respond if you would like to ask for a spot on our team. From there, I will message you and we can talk from there on the subject. Feel free to ask questions or submit some past writing references or experience.

I hope to hear from you soon,



This is gonna come across a little rude and brash but here’s my two cents:

Summary of the plot is super bare bones. Having a generic story isn’t bad, if it’s done well. This story is just Thracia Pennisula, or Echoes/Gaiden and that’s the immediate “oh it reminds me of” story. Let me sum up the plot alot faster and quicker:

Continent A was ruled by Kingdom A, dark winds cut the kingdom in half to Forest Kingdom and Desert Kingdom. after 100years the winds dissipated and the kingdom met eachother and had an uneasy peace for 50years. Now Desert Kingdom is invading Forest Kingdom.

Sounds like Thracia? Mountain wyverns under Travant attack lush greenland fields of Northern Thracia. Echoes: Where Duma Kingdom is all mountainous and rocky attacks nice greenland fields under Mila.

Aside from that there is nothing else to the story, you say there is 100pages written, but where is it? You can’t show it all that’s fine, but what you have shown really makes me question the 100pages that you have. I think the Document for my completed hack was around 3-4pages for a full complete story.
Next topic: Who and where is the MC at? If anything I assume it’s gonna be the new general from Forest Kingdom but who knows. And what is the MC doing / their goal / motivation? Are they just a random general protecting their lands? Some schmuck from Desert Kingdom? idk

finally… What else do you have behind a story? If you want someone to join your team for writing, and all you have is writing it begs the question… “If I’m writing the story, what the hell is the other team members doing?”

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Hey there, I work on the team and I can answer some of your questions. With as much formality as possible,

I guess to start, I have to politely say that I’m sorry we couldn’t really find a way to make the summary more concise and say as much as we wanted. That was the balance we came to between length and detail.

To address your second concern, our 100 page document is the script of our entire game so far, not just some summaries.

Third off, we don’t feel too comfortable about revealing much about the MC other than that they’re indeed in the military. But to be fair, this is an ad, not a place to review of our plot.

Finally, we have a team working on writing, art, ideas, and sprites. I have to warn, for it is fair, that we haven’t start putting things into engine yet, so if you want a fast and immediate hack to be done, it’s best to move on.

Any more questions can be gladly asked or you can simply pass on those as well.

I know it’s a bit late but I might be interested but I have admit that I’m new to writing actual stories so it will probably be better if you get someone else but I could try to do it if you want to.