Would making weak lords Rally Bots solve the ludonarrative dissonance problem?

If your mandatory required Lord is supposed to be a weakling who relies on his friends and grows stronger over the course of the journey, giving your Lord Skills or Spells designed to fit the fantasy of being a leader who makes his friends stronger is a great way to ensure his friends can have an easier time carrying him while letting your Lord feel like a valuable part of your team’s strategy and not a useless millstone best left half a map away from all the action. A leader who leads because he or she brings out the best in others is cooler than a leader who leads because he’s an unstoppable overpowered destiny-chosen divinely-empowered born-perfect juggernaut able to solo most maps, maybe most of the game, maybe even all of the game, or because he brought along a beloved granddad able to outfight that theoretical chosen one.

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I’ve heard arguments that Leif is a good main lord because, even if his combat sucks, he’s a great support unit with his leadership and… I don’t know what else, I’ve never played Thracia, does this check out with people?

Kinda yes. He supports a big chunk of the cast which is always good to have.

Calling his combat weak is an overreach tho. Not only are enemies in Thracia weak af, with scrolls anyone can be good, not to mention he has the light brand.

He is no Ike, but he is no Roy, either

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