Would a more "Dungeon-Crawler" aproach work in FEGBA

As the title says, do you think that is possible to make a FEGBA romhack that works essentially as a Dungeon Crawl? Like instead of a battlefield you keep going through a Dungeon with secret doors, traps monsters and that kind of things.


It’s possible though it will depend on what software your using.

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There was already an attempt to bring a bit of dungeon crawling in FE8 with the Tower of Valni and the Lagdou Ruins, even though it was quite basic. So yeah it’s totally feasible to have a dungeon-crawler experiences with the limitations of GBA Fire Emblem !

The main challenge would be to rethink Fire Emblem level-design for this kinds of experiences, but past experiences (even if limited) can help in this regards


I would definitely enjoy it, though it would lack some of the appeal of a traditional dungeon crawler (specifically: random layouts for new experiences), so youd have to give it some spice to make up for that

I don’t know about Dungeon Crawl (because I instantly connect the word to old school TTRPGs), but it could work as a Rogue Like.

The idea was about something closer to a TTRPG than to a Rogue Like. So the characters would be a classic adventuring party, and it allows to tell a simple story while focusing on gameplay

Ah I see. I have no idea if you can do freely revisitable nodes on a FE8 world map, but man that would be amazing if you could make an open world dnd esque fire emblem hack with global flags for the world state

It’s definitely possible. One thing that you could do is use either the free roam ASM I recall seeing, or LT which has a free roam option built in, and can switch between free roam and the normal battle system fairly seamlessly. That might be good for a dungeon crawl, travelling through the dungeon until you reach a point which transitions into traditional FE gameplay.