Worst luck with units?

Hi you might have seen me in multiple hacks here and there before and this is the first time I make a post like this one here.

So anyway as you have seen the title by that I mean when you train a unit that might be powerful but ends up begin have a really bad states for example Amelia from Sacred stone I trained her until she became a level 20 general and she ended up having some serious Skill and speed and luck and acceptable Defense and Resistance.

But her Strength oh god I can’t believe I wasted so much time on her I mean ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! 12!? LIKE REALLY?! YOU NEED SILVER WEAPONS JUST SO YOU CAN DAMAGE THEM AT LEAST!!

Ever since then I stopped even trying to recruit her because of that experience I mean Colm did a better job than Amelia…

This is a generic enemy. Average, mediocre stats, right?

Well, this is my promoted shon at nearly the same level, and I’m pretty sure I used an energy ring! You know, the main protagonist? The son of the guy who kickstarted the whole campaign?
His growths aren’t even bad!
He hits like a girl!
How did this happen?

Also, not pictured is my 20/1 13 MAG DRUID ewan.

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My Lyn in endgame didn’t gain a single point in Defense aside from promotions.

My Silas in all 4-5 runs of Fates has always been garbage. He starts decent, then gets no speed and piddling strength and Defense.

My Ingrid in 3Houses gained 2 strength in 20levels, so I swapped her to a dancer, she gained 1str. And is now almost lv30 and hasn’t gained a single point since then.


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Ok, so I was doing this draft for FE8 with some friends, and I had a pretty good team all things considered, I had Knoll, Vanessa, Garcia, Lute who is pretty solid, etc. However, outside of Garcia, I lacked any real early game powerhouses. But you know who I did have? Neimi. Wanna see how my Neimi looked by Chapter 16?
Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones (USA, Australia)-68
This is a level 10/1 Neimi. See anything wrong here? Yeah, 7 strength. Rangers get +2 on promotion. Her base is 4. She has a 45% growth. She leveled strength once in 9 levels.

Oh, but that’s not all, see this Vanessa?
Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones (USA, Australia)-69
I believe I promoted her around level 13 and fed her an energy ring
This was her at promotion. She has 5 base strength. She leveled strength once in 12 levels.

Finally, the thing that pushed me over the edge and made me just quit: Myrrh didn’t get strength 2 levels in a row. She has a 90% growth.



It’s not too uncommon for me to get screwed on 60% growths.

When I first played 3H, I made Dimitri a cavalier not knowing it dumps your spd growth, so despite having something like a still decent 40 something growth, he had single digit speed until the timeskip. And I mean displayed speed, not the AS after weight penalties.

But Shon is the only one that can use the Silvans.

Yes, at least that’s something.

Besides, I look at that nightmarish Neimi and Vanessa and I feel lucky .-.


This one isn’t particularly screwed or anything, just very bizarre luck.
Everybody that plays FE5 should know about the reliable strat of chapter 8: you promote Lithis, he nabs Rumaigh’s sword and baaam, free capture. I like to do that, and I also like to gamble for build level ups on Lithis. I think on normal averages he only gets one build level up, but well, gambling in this case is free. The revolting part isn’t that Lithis didn’t level con (I gave him the Neir scroll and he gained like two levels with that, and none with the Bragi scroll, which was stolen from Amalda), the worst part here is how he leveled magic four times.

Do you know what’s funnier? The chance of getting magic is the same as the chance of getting build for Lithis. He is pretty much worse than Pan in every way but since his magic is so funny I can’t bring myself to bench him.

The reason I hate Roy than anyone else
fe6 project ember fixed growth hm 1.78b-2


The Problem with Roy is the fact that he starts with low stats to the point he have a hard time doubling Axe-user.

I mean his growth is not that bad but still

My Edelgard leveled strength like maybe 2-4 times by level 20

I found this abomination. He was promoted at level 16.


Sheesh that is one screwed up Shon

I’m starting to think Shon is just destined to be this bad .-.

Cross my fingers and hope and pray that he ends up powerful than this. Because when Oscar hit lvl 10 his strength stopped at 10.

Is it normal for Soren to have low HP? Cause his growth show otherwise

Have you heard the legend of the 7 strength paladin?

45% STR growth is a lie I guess


The last 3 times that I used a sniper in 3h they ended up wondering what a strength stat was