World Map Mug not showing

I’m very happy where I am right now in terms of my project getting underway. I’ve adjusted the intro scene [World Map event] to suit my needs, but there is just this minor detail that is not working for me.

As you can see by the screen, I wanted to show both Eirika and Ephraim at the same time on the screen, however, when I tested the game, only Eirika shows up, Ephraim seems to be skipped. What can I do to have Ephraim also show up and remain there?

The largest document for FE8 is FE8.
Look for similar scenes and imitate the event.

For example, in Vanilla, two portraits are displayed on the Worldmap in this way.

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Oh, good point. I will look for similar scenes to facilitate my own experience. I did not think of that before, lol. It’s all there, as you say, just gotta look it up. Thanks for the help once again. :wink: