World Map creation?

My question this time is how would you build a world map? Due to the possible size of a large map, how would one design a map that looks believable when it comes to borders of the continent and the countries, but not make it look too “round”? Due to my style of how the nations of my hack will look, I would also like to label certain territories like the noble house territories, nation, and land areas in Fodlan, so how you take this kind of step?

if you don’t want to make it too round make it a square. boom problem fixed.


Nice joke, but I ain’t laughing about this

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Maybe take a look at the map of various countries to see how province/state/county borders are drawn? Some borders are drawn at natural landmarks such as rivers or mountains. The straighter lines are more political, decided by governments and tend to over flat areas of land. Perhaps try having a mix of borders formed by natural landmarks as well as political lines drawn that are relatively straight(usually over flat areas of land, though this is my assumption without looking into the physical geography of boundaries). As borders can be based off a variety of different factors, try thinking about the physical layout(forests, deserts, rivers, etc.) of the land and how the populations that came to be on the land would draw their borders(political dispute, natural inclination to an area, etc.), and at what points in time these borders come to be drawn.
I am by no means a cartographer, but maybe my advice might provide you with a direction as to where to go?


That is actually a pretty good idea, I never really thought about that approach.