[WIP] Fire Emblem: The Order of Frost

Hello everyone! My name is milom and I think it might be time to create a page for my WIP hack Fire Emblem: The Order of Frost.

I got into rom hacking in 2020 after I very clumsily used FEBuilder the first time to make a 0% version of FE7, which soon thereafter turned into a classic rework/rewrite of FE7. This however led to a new project that’s been going on from time to time a year and a half, based on a very loose idea for a table top rpg plot I had a long time ago. I can with 100% certainty say that I would never have gotten as far as I have without the inspiration gotten from the incredible talent, friendliness and support I experience in this community.

So what is this hack about?

The continent of Crellia is in a delicate state of balance woven between five different countries united by a common threat. 600 years ago the continent was put into a state of despair when, by events lost to time, an enormous rift filled with flames opened at the center of the continent. From there, an endless stream of flaming fiends began pouring out, and only by uniting and combining each countries strengths did they manage to keep this threat under control. The rift have since remained, and an order was established to keep this ever present threat in check: The Order of Frost.

Our story starts in the year 611, when events are about to unfold that will shake the delicate balance of Crellia forever.

World Map Full Scale


Fire Emblem: The Order of Frost 0.1.1
Version 0.1.1: Demo containing a draft of the first 8 chapters:

Fire Emblem: The Order of Frost 0.1.2
Updated Yorgios portrait

Design decisions

There are a couple of core ideas behind this hack that I have tried to follow to the best of my ability. These are mainly based on what I personally enjoy and find engaging in a FE and RPG game.

  • A simple plot: The story is mostly straight forward, and while there are some turns and twists, they are still in the context of a mostly quite simple plot. Similarly, the dialogues are kept mostly quite short to keep focus on the gameplay.
  • Lore: There are some extra tidbits of lore regarding the world and how it’s built, but most of it is not needed to understand the story. Bits and pieces are hidden in various locations and dialogues that add flavour to the world, but can mostly be ignored if the player don’t care for it.
  • Item management: This might be a big one. Shops and armories can only be reached every so often, and money is also kept sort of low. Deciding how to spend the gold acquired is an important decision. Still, enough new characters and weapons are found throughout the chapters to not make this a game breaking thing if handled badly.
  • Character uniqueness: I much prefer games where each character is distinct, and how this is expressed in this hack is that there are no two player controlled characters with the same class or same promotion. There are also plenty of personal weapons around with various levels of power.
  • Less focus on RNG: Avoid is reduced across the board, and terrain avoid is halved. This is more in line with FE11/12.
  • Low complexity: This game should mostly feel like vanilla with some other ideas sprinkled in. However, these are meant to be few and not too many. E.g. skills exists, but none that are RNG dependent and very very few overall.
  • 24 main chapters planned + a handfull of smaller side chapters
  • Custom world map
  • New monster types
  • Avoid calculation changed to SPD + LCK
  • New type of magic: Frost
  • Skills added to select few units
  • Exception to the above is that all foot units has Shove skill.
  • Player decisions that affect both story and rewards
  • FE4 style talk conversations. Supports and various other rewards are gained between conversations between characters on different maps.
  • Thracia trading, i.e. infinite trading on one turn.
  • Findable codex entries in chapters
  • Several new weapons
  • Unique promotions for all playable characters
  • Escape chapters
  • Lord inspired in gameplay by best lord in series i.e. Leif.
  • Extremely advanced ASM (no not really, but a handful of small things at least)
  • Probably more stuff

FireEmblem_TheOrderOfFrost_02 FireEmblem_TheOrderOfFrost_01

FireEmblem_TheOrderOfFrost_07 FireEmblem_TheOrderOfFrost_06

FireEmblem_TheOrderOfFrost_05 FireEmblem_TheOrderOfFrost_04

FireEmblem_TheOrderOfFrost_03 FireEmblem_TheOrderOfFrost_12

FireEmblem_TheOrderOfFrost_11 FireEmblem_TheOrderOfFrost_08

FireEmblem_TheOrderOfFrost_09 FireEmblem_TheOrderOfFrost_10


Please let me know if I’ve missed someone on this list

Sterling Glovner
Dutch Introvert

I hope that this will be something that eventually can be enjoyed by many of you in this community. The first patch will soon be out!


Good luck with the project Milo, might give the first patch a playthrough


Looks good, i’ll be sure to try it


hope difficulty will be like hard mode, been playing some games lately wich are wayy too easy!!!


The hack will (at least at first) only have one difficulty. The idea is for it to be harder than FE8 by quite a bit, but still manageable without having to replay every map 34 times. The eventual playtesting will help answer how well that went.


Unique you say will there be playable monster class?

Also good luck on the hack.

Could it be?! Hawkzerker!

Please do not triple post in a thread which isn’t yours.

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Woops sorry about that.

I’ll just say that monsters will definitely be part of the hack :wink:

And thank you for the support!

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Ma Man!! cheers for monsters!!

Manaketes too?

I’m surprised something I did or rather made actually ended up in a hack lol, looking forward to playing it once the demo is out!

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To be honest, exactly how to handle the monsters is something that is in the backlog as of now. There is a high probability that some sort of manaketes will be in the hack however.

As for you @Its_Just_Jay, one of your portraits will be in the first demo even :slight_smile:

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I’m very happy to announce that the first demo is now available! The patch can be found in the opening post in the Patches section and contains a draft of the first 7 chapters before it loops back to the beginning. I’m very happy for any and all feedback if anyone would like to give it :slight_smile:

I’ve focused mostly on the maps, so there’s probably a thousand small errors in the script.


Bug report: the decision in chapter 2x doesn’t seem to work, it seems to default to assuming you picked Yes.

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I also had that bug.

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I would highly suggest changing these two’s portraits.
I cannot envision anyone seeing them as “Athena and Yiorgos from The Order of Frost” instead of “Mustafa from Fire Emblem Awakening” and “Tressa from Octopath Traveller”.
I highly understand how difficult it is to find Free To Use portraits that fit your vision of characters, but when you use mugs of characters that are recognizable as this it just ruins immersion in the game.
If you would like to, I could possibly make a portrait for one of these 2 as an alternative.


Thanks for reporting! I had accidentally broken that choice as one of the last changes I did… A new patch has been uploaded and should fix this issue.

I definitely get what you’re saying and I know how that feeling. I’m way too unfamiliar with those two games myself so I did not experience the same feeling. I will probably try to find a replacement for the Mustafa portrait right away, and eventually for the Tressa one as well then. Very sad about the Tressa one since I think it’s such an amazing portrait. Thanks for the input!

SO you said supports are risen through talks is there like fixed supports or do people still have options for paired endings?