[WIP FE8 Hack] - Eliwood's Outrealm Adventures (8 Playable Maps)

I made a hack.
yeah. that’s all

Current Build is: 7-14-24 Build
Download link below my text wall

Literally my first real attempt to get into FEGBA stuff. This is a Demo of 7 chapters (8 with Gaiden), because I just want feedback on a larger scale at this point. If I missed any crediting or something specific, call me a dumbass and let me know what I messed up. I also pretty vigorously tested the hack on numerous emulators and platforms, check the compatibility.txt if you’re wondering about something more obscure.

An Idiot’s First Real attempt at mapping:
There’s 8 playable maps. 7 Story, 1 Gaiden. Each one made mostly by me with some help from a friend. They’re… Something for sure. It’s also pretty easy to tell what chapter 4 was edited from. It’s just what you’d expect. Some maps by someone learning FEBuilder and such.

An Idiot’s First Real attempt at making a decent Party:
From Eliwood to Beyard, from Sedgar to Hinata, the party consists of units who either have some reason to be in an Outrealm, or are wanderers. Some just ignore that entirely. I certainly tried to make a decent party. Some units are on more fringe cases. I wanted to make it partially feel like these units are already near the ends of their adventures. Hence low level caps. Either way, I’ve spent far too much time balancing this lol

An Idiot’s First Real attempt at writing a Fire Emblem Story:
The story is certainly existent. I’ve always considered myself a decent at best writer, but man is it alot harder to make one for something like this. If it’s good, it’s a miracle and a half. I’ll have to thank Miss Kochiya if people like it.

An Idiot’s First Real attempt at porting Music:
Ok, this one I’m actually pretty proud of. I’ve ported a few 3DS or DS songs myself. I used a couple F2U songs, but most of the music thats custom I likely ported myself. If it’s not in the credits, I’m either an idiot, or it’s a track I custom ported / ported from another GBA Game. Scarlet Battle Soul was my favorite to make!

An Idiot’s First Real attempt at posting screenshots on FEU:

Download: 20.22 MB folder on MEGA
This folder will be updated with new public builds whenever the hell I release them.


I have been playing your hack today. I do love it so far, but I have run i to two things that may be bugs. First, anytime I am going for the killing blow on a boss, my characters have 0% crit, but they always get a crit for the final attack. Is that a bug, or is it intentional. Also, I was fast enough to get the 4x gaiden chapter, but everytime I try to check map to change the formation and such, it goes to a black screen. It still plays music but I can’t do anything. It won’t even let me start the chapter. Thanks for making the hack though. I look forward to more of it!

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Okay, so I am not sure what caused the issue. I restarted the game and selected the same units and made the sa.e prepartions but it’s letting me check the map and start the chapter now.

Ah, thank you for trying! Regarding what you’ve said…

Killing blows on Bosses are meant to trigger the critical hit animation. It’s a feature that can be toggled in the Skill Systems patch. It’s always satisfying when a boss is crit killed, but I wish it visually set crit to 1% atleast…

4X might be an issue from how I set up the chapter. I do see your 2nd post, but I did place the map in what could potentially be a very poor spot. I assume due to how this is a cutscene map in vanilla FE8, it may be causing that oddity you had. I’ll see if I can move the data safely later. Could you tell me what emulator that strange issue occured on?

Once again, thank you for trying my hack.

I am using mgba through Retroarch on my anbernic rg351mp. I am playing 4x now without any more issue. I think the killing blow being a crit is cool! I was just confused when it was 0 and I got a crit twice. I love the cast of characters and the whimsy!

You are welcome, I plan to finish it this weekend. I will let you know if I come across anything else.

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I’ve never heard of the Anbernic RG351MP until now, it looks like a cool custom handheld. I wonder if the specs are similar to the Miyoo Mini Plus. In the meantime, please do try updating your Retroarch cores, just in case. I never ran into this issue in the first place, so I’ll do quite a few tests on 4x. I’ll move the map slot if needs be. Hopefully it’s something drop dead easy to fix that I entirely overlooked.

I am not sure how similar the specs are, but they are the same type of device. As far as I know the cores are up to date. But I am no expert on it sadly. I hope it’s something simple or that I am the only one who has run into the issue.

I found 1 typo. At the end of 4x when Luigi is giving the Samurai a katana, when he first mentions it he calls it a kanata. Very minor, but I figured you would like to know.

Seems fun, I’ll try it out, also nice name, fellow Live A Evil enjoyer

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I’ve got that typo fixed now, and I did some more work on Chapter 8 last night and today, but I cannot seem to replicate your issue with 4x. Do you remember what you did when it happened? Any specific units dead? Could you possibly recreate the issue later?

I’ve played through your hack, it was enjoyable. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in the story and playing more chapters

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The only thing I did was swap out a few units and trade some items. None were dead. After I restarted the game I did the exact same thing and it worked. I can’t recreate it without replaying through it because I was dumb and saved over it.

I just finished the demo. I really liked it! The difficulty is perfect for me, not too easy, not too hard. The lack of money and the temptation of all of those expensive items was hard in 4x! Lol I am excited to see more! Especially after seeing what was in store at the end of the demo. Thanks for sharing your creation with us.

Chapter 8 is getting closer to being complete. I’ve fixed quite a few things for the next build, so I’m hoping all goes well when I upload the next xDelta and UPS file. This chapter has by far the most recruitable units, being 4 in total if the units that can speak are still alive. Only one can be recruited by Eliwood, meaning 3 can be lost forever. I wanted to make another Duo recruitable here, but 6 units in one chapter seems a bit much. Even Shadow Dragon rarely did anything like that. It will take a bit to write all of the dialogue for them, of course. Then comes the rigorous testing before I make the build public.

I may also experiment with the Rom Rebuild option in future builds. A smaller rom with potential errors removed may be of great use. I do know that I failed to import a magic animation properly, so that space may be freed when I do a rebuild.

FE8 - Eliwood's Outrealm Adventures.emulator-59
Unit Placement may be different when build is released.


And the never ending confusion continues… Now when Roshea reaches max level, he gets no notification for learning Luna… But I have no idea how long it’s been like this. I do wonder if it would be easier to start with a new base FE8 rom, then remake my work in a more efficient manner… But that would take ages. Maybe it’s somehow related to his Unit ID? Hell if I know at this point. This stuff is so confusing

Video of the oddity in action


Seems to be related to unit IDs. I guess it’s the same limit as FE8 with Battle Records. I literally just chucked Roshea into slot 1D instead of F7 where I had some unit data. Instantly learned his skill at level 20 (40 internally). It’s an easy-ish bug to fix, but it does mean current saves will break for the next build. I gotta delete the old messed up units, and move them into a safer range. Oh, and re-assign the palettes.


I’ve added the 7-14-24 build to the MEGA Link in the OP. This update makes Chapter 8 mostly playable (but incomplete), but also requires a new save to fix some idiocy on my part with assigning playable unit IDs. I reccomend waiting until Chapter 9 has placeholder data before playing it, so you don’t get sent to the postgame room.

Please be sure to read the change log in the 7-14-24 God’s Strongest Placeholders folder. As a new save is required, I also added a new unit to Chapter 4 to make up for having to replay the first 7 chapters again.

Thank you for your patience. I did quite a bit planning ahead, so chapters 9 and beyond should be easier to add. There is also plans for a sort of postgame, as there is some very basic data for a Boss Rush, and some unit data for Xenologues. Just some bonus maps really. Nothing major.