Why not send report7z?

If you ask someone who is looking for help to send report7z,
about half of the people send report7z.
and, The problem of almost everyone who sent report7z was solved.
Almost 100% of problems have been solved.

However, half of the people do not send report7z when they ask to send report7z.
They disappeared somewhere without sending report7z.
They refused to help for some reason even though they were asking for help.

I can’t understand their behavior.

Why would you refuse a rescue when you asked for help?

What I did.

I have prepared a site that explains how to send report7z.

Added a link to the description on the FEBuilderGBA page and discord.

Is there any other good way?



Some people are just weird, dont try to understand them my friend.

As the developer of FEBuilder, yes you have responsibly to fix whatever bug the user thrown to you. But as users, they have responsibly to match whatever requirements you ask them before their bug got fixed. I say that you make a rule that only fix bug that coming with report7z. If they don’t send report7z, do not ask but do not replay for them. Sometimes, rule need to be made and follow.

I think some people just expected us to be able to tell them what’s wrong within seconds and without looking at their work.

I think the way you have it now is perfectly fine.


To be blunt, a lot of people are pretty fickle. They’re not exactly committed to ROMhacking, and so when an error comes up they probably just… give up there. I think your current system is actually great and I admire your patience with solving other people’s issues.


I admit that I may have been a part of this in recent times though it ended up being because I found out the issue later on (EX. TutorialDisabler disables the Easy Mode check entirely).

Think it is a mix of people not wanting to be bothered sending in a report. That isn’t a problem with the reporting system itself (it’s great), it’s that people don’t like waiting when they run into an issue, and submiting a report is arguably more time consuming than popping your question on discord.

Some also may go back and resolve the issue themselves without telling you, which I know I’ve done a few times.