Why Is The Skills Patch Applying Improper Stat Debuffs?

So I went to apply Circleseverywhere’s skills patch to FE8. I ran the patch, took the skills test ROM, changed the boss rush map back to the map it was previously and changed the events and the corresponding offset. Everything seemed to be working properly until I opened up the stat screen and saw things like these:

I don’t know why this happened. I didn’t edit my events in anyway except the insertion offset, I triple checked that I put my events into free space and I checked all of the enemies surrounding skills to see if they were applying the debuffs. Does anyone have any idea why this happened? Has it happened to anyone else?

You can only load 16 units at a time.
Blame colorz for this.

By “16 units at a time” do you mean in total or per block of units?

Per block of units.

Oh, okay. Thanks for the help (:

(Details) This is a known bug that you can easily work around by separating your unit groups in chunks of 16 max.
Fixing this is kinda tricky and low priority precisely because of this easy workaround.

It happens because the locations where the stat (de)buffs are stored in RAM is shared with the higher part of the loaded unit buffer (higher part being the units past the 16th).

(Also from what I read it seems you are not using the buildfile method to do your edits. I’d recommend you looking at that, especially if you want to use the skill system as a base, which is built using that same method, excuse me if I’m wrong tho)