Why is my custom portrait not working?

I’ve checked for dimensions and those are correct as well as checked for 16 colours (which I believe are correct, the program may have gotten it wrong but I don’t think it did) but when I hit load from file in feditor it doesn’t even show up, nothing changes.

In this image, 28 colors are used, not 16 colors.
Also, the coordinates of the position of eyes and mouth are not multiples of 8.
Therefore, it can not be used.

In GBAFE, it is necessary to draw in 16 colors.
Also, if possible, the first palette should be the background color.
This image counts from 0, and the 7th color is the background color.

And the X coordinate of the position of the eye and mouth parts should be a multiple of 8.
For example, in this image, the X coordinate of the eye part position is around 20 dots.
Since 20 is not a multiple of 8, it can not be used.

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A lot of those colours are almost the same, though, so it’s really easy to just convert it to 16.

There, now it works.

(I also fixed the eye/mouth placement.)


edited: I over reacted and I can probably solve the problem without worry