Why can't i just write ''hello'' on the title? Introduction

i know nothing about hacking but i did cheat once by making storch into an unstoppable killing machine just so that i could try and get the secret ending on vision quest, i have only played the games from the gba and below but nothing more as my computer isn’t good enough to emulate the others, i’m not really good at the game but i love the permadeath mechanic and the supports, i’m not good at english either and only recently i have started to have a formal education on it however i can read english just fine because of video games, if you have any questions about me you can ask them.


Hello, i like strategy games and i found out about fire emblem after finishing wargroove 2 years ago, i really love the permadeath mechanic in videogames and is the reason why i keep playing fe and a bunch of other roguelikes games like cdda, there’s just something about the chance of losing everything inside of a game, it feels like it HAS a meaning, like you know when you die in minecraft, terraria or whatever? you would normally just respawn or something but with permadeath you can really feel it now and that makes winning feel even better, there’s just something about reaching the lass boss with half of your characters dead, it makes your ‘‘useless’’ characters useful and also makes your supports more meaningful too, sorry for my bad english. this counts as an introduction?




It’s you! sorry for cheating in your hack


LOL don’t sweat it at all, thanks for giving it a play.

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