Who is your favorite romhack unit that you've created?

Everyone’s got a unit that they just have lots of bias for, right? Especially if you made that unit yourself. So which of your own characters is your favorite? Maybe for their personality, their gameplay performance, whatever.

For me, I think it might be Bradley in Four Kings. Saunion cav in chapter 1 is just so much fun, and is always useful. And he can use brave lances later on, and be a great support partner for Shaun. Plus, I think he’s just a lovable goofy guy, with some character moments I’m proud of, especially in post game.


Luigi from the Justice & Pride saga. This lad needs no introduction.


Gary from Pokemblem

Or charmander

this ‘jagen’ (there’s a timeskip where you get an entirely new team and this guy joins after two chapters)

as you can see… he doesn’t have the best of luck…
I essentially balanced this jagen around the fact that they are likely to be crit at least once. unless you had a hoplon guard from pre timeskip in the convoy your only hoplon guard would be at the tail end of the game, making most of his time on the team a risky one, along with that he has VERY low weapon ranks for a jagen, this stops him from being able to outclass your normal cav by virtue of being able to use braves, killers, and silvers.

essentially this guy will be useful throughout the game but you’ll need to be careful with him because of his lack of luck.

edit: oh yeah and he has a lot of con which makes his rescuing potential extremely limited

While I enjoy all of the units I’ve made for the project, my absolute favorites have got to be the armor knights. I can’t pick just one - I have an equally-sized soft spot for each of them.

First up is the earlygame carry, the Tempest Lance spammer, Eduardo. This man has developed a minor cult following among my playtesters for his performance, and for good reason. Plus, he’s just like… such a nice guy. He goes out of his way to make everyone in the army feel welcome and cherished. Come on, give Eddy Wardo a chance.

Gargantuan size. Humongous attack. Titanic defense. No speed. That is Mackenzie. This 7’8" mass of devoted strength has a personal skill that lets her automatically double any enemy when nearby allies are low on health - and let me tell you, when it is active the ensuing carnage gives a rush like no other. Don’t even get me started on Raging Storm.

And finally we have Tchaka, the convoy manager turned playable Est. She won’t be available until a chapter I have yet to complete, but I cannot wait for when it’s time to add her in. I don’t want to go into too much detail since nothing is finalized yet, but she might have the most ridiculous gameplay concept for a unit I’ve ever designed. Even if she doesn’t end up being good or practical, I will be happy knowing that she even exists.


I’m attached to many units I created. I’m the kind of guy who mostly uses the same few Units over and over again instead of creating new ones because I like them so much and just don’t want to cast them asside. (Also I struggle when it comes to actually creating new Units. xD)
But my favorite unit must be the character “Tsumetai”.
She’s a Dark Flier and the princess (later Queen) of a country called “Fuyuda” where it’s always winter. In the story she originates from Fuyuda gets attacked by the main Enemy and she is forced to flee in order to survive. She then meets my Character who is a Mercenary and part of a plan to raise an Army to fight against the threat of the enemy. She then joins up with them to later take Fuyuda back. On the journey she is kind of forced to grow the hard way because of the war. Prior to all of this she did not know real fights or much about how the outside world actually is because her father was very strict about her leaving the castle. Because of that she thinks that running away instead of staying to fight was the wrong descision and that she is not worthy of her title because of that. But she learns that it’s the other way around and that as long as she saves her people she will be worthy. But besides that she is a very kind soul that even puts herself in danger in order to help people who need it but that also makes her kind of naive. She also loves animals and all of nature.
Gameplay wise she has a personal Lance that can petrify the enemy in a skill = % Chance because she mainly uses ice based attacks. Later on she gets a legendary Tome calles “Dragon Blizzard” A very strong Ice tome that also can freeze enemies and is effective against dragons. And she’s a dark flier with Galeforce so… you know where that goes.
All what’s left that is to say is that she is the canon wife of my Character and that I always use her if I can and always make her kind of importan.

That was much, but I have much to tell about her. xD

I don’t know if she’s my actual favorite, but Cadence (Shackled Power) is the first one that comes to mind for the favorite unit I’ve created.
-One of my favorite classes.
-High offenses with a bizarre inclination for magic.
-Can demolish almost any enemy with proper investment as shown above.
-Terrible con as a bizarre flaw.
-Really funny to write due to living in a cave and being raised on fairy tale stories.
-Challenged my abilities by making me write a young idealistic anime moeblob, an archetype that I completely hate in every piece of media ever.
-Her hair was fun to draw.

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Michelle is a cleric whose initial personality concept was “opposite of demure cleric”. She’s made of steel and takes no shit, because goddamnit she is too busy mending dismembered and gored patients to deal with nonsense.

Her personal skill is Spur Hexblade, which makes adjacent allies’ physical attacks turn into magical attacks, which I find to be really fun because it entices you to get her up close to the action even while not healing, and that kind of positioning stuff is catnip for me. But the real treat was the interaction she has with Abigail, the ballistician unit, who Michelle can turn into basically a Bolting spammer whenever desired. I didn’t foresee this interaction but it turned out to be amazing in practice. Serendipity is nice.


Octavian, the main character. He’s a buff lord - weak at fighting but he’s the only unit that has rallies. The higher level he has the better buffs he gives (up to +6 str, skill, speed and defence at lv 20). It really shows how he’s a commander.

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Taking some inspiration from Leif, I see.

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In my hack, which is epic…

Anisa is my favorite gameplay-wise.

I enjoyed using a brave bow/longbow archer w/ spur speed that helped your allies get into doubling threshold fun to strategize and design around.

In Call of the Armor, Kuijia and Gu are my faves that I added to the game.

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home by winter normal mode test_1631144317956
this guy
far from the most original idea but making his bat, seeing him one shot literally everything in the game, writing his dialogue, etc etc has been the most enjoyable character to make for me
and he is destined for even greater things, and even larger bats…