Where to ask for help recruiting people to a project?

Hello again,

So I’d like to start putting a team together to help me work on my ROMHack (particularly with creating mugs for characters), but I’m unsure where I’d post such a recruitment question.
Where would the best place be to ask people for assistance/what would be the best way to go about asking for said assistance?


It would be wise to post a primer thread showcasing

  • What you’ve done
  • What you’re planning/looking at for the future
  • Who you need for what roles

among other things. Screenshots and other assets would help so that people know you genuinely want help. You’re going to have to settle a very good case considering lots of people will be busy with their own projects. You’d do well to also ask for general help in the Discord server, but other than possibly Serene’s Forest, there isn’t much of a gathering place to look for fellow developers.


Join someone else’s project instead.

Vast majority of registered users create their own hack here.
A small minority create custom asm, graphics, and music, which they usually post in their respective thread/github, or on the relevant repository thread. Most of this stuff is entirely free to use (with credit). This is the main type of contribution that you will get from others.

If you are respected, liked, and have a hype project you’re more likely to successfully get a small favour out of someone such as a short asmc or a custom portrait. And everybody can ask for help with solving bugs, as well as focused playtesting. And there are plenty of idea guys out there if you spitball something into fe_design_meta.

Teams of people that work on projects together are very rare and are often people that know each other irl. If you find a way to form a team please let me know, haha. But even in these teams, usually only 1 person does most of the rom editing while other(s) take on alternate roles such as the writing.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do!