Where is O’Neil’s event in fe builder?

So I have a problem with the conversation that O’Neil starts (and eventing in general) but I can’t get rid of the event since I can’t find it.

it should be the (1, 255) in turn conditions

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Where is turn conditions?

Events>Turn Conditions.
On the Simple Menu screen.

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Along with the event that Halbreadier mentioned, there’s an O’Neil talking event that gets called after Eirika gets the rapier. It’s in the starting events.

This is where it is.

If you double click on it, this menu pops up.

You can click on the “event” text to display the event if you want.

You can remove the event call, but that would stop the enemies from showing up.
The second option is to remove the highlight O’Neil command. You can also remove the O’Neil talking event, but I think your problem is more likely the highlight command.

This is what the O’Neil event I’m talking about looks like: