Where do you go to ask for playtesters who can be discreet and not leak stuff?

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  • Hacking method: Lex Talonis
  • Base Game: LT
  • Steps to reproduce: Wondering how to get more playtesters.

Where do you go to ask for playtesters who can be discreet and not leak stuff?

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I’m pretty sure you can just make a topic here asking for that exact thing, and specify that any feedback be given through dms or discord or whatever.

I see 3 options here

  1. FEU Discord has a playtesting section, follow the rules provided and you’ll probably get some playtesters.

  2. Don’t. It’s better to post a public beta so that you get feedback from a variety of people and to not create an echo chamber.

  3. Post something here asking for playtesters and DM people the patch


basically you’d need to find people that you trust. (Usually from having worked with them in the past) Obviously this may not be obtainable. So the next best thing is you make a build for the playtesters to use which contains the early game but not the later game content that you wouldn’t want them to leak. This way you can get feedback on the overall design and apply it to later stuff without showing all your cards. (This is what a lot of people do)

Personally, I do all of my playtesting myself until I’m ready for some version of the game to be open to the broader public.If you’re looking for early feedback though, your two options are to either open the first couple chapters publicly or see if someone who’s a personal connection will check it out for you.