Where Do I Start?

I’m quite new to hacking and I don’t have much experience other than messing around with Nightmare and FEditor. But…with all these new programs and ways to hack like FEBuilder, MakeHack.cmd, buildfiles, etc., I’m a bit lost on where to make a new start. I just got my laptop fixed and I have plenty of project ideas, that I’d like to make, but with all these programs and systems, I’m at a loss on where to start hacking. There’s plenty of tutorials on how to do stuff, but I don’t know which ones to pick. Thanks for reading this post and I hope this question can be answered.


That’s where you start for buildfiles. Make hack.cmd is the same thing as buildfiles.

If you want to try the other tools, it’s mostly just a matter of messing with them and getting comfortable.


I see. What about events and stuff? I know Arch has some tutorials but which ones go over the very very basic stuff? FEBuilder is pretty self explanatory to me so I don’t think I need a tutorial for that. Thanks for that.

By utilizing the advantages of the GUI with FEBuilderGBA, I are trying to display data as easily as possible.

Beginners recommend that you try trying to change characters or maps.
Changing characters and maps, I think that you can immediately check the effect and have fun.

When you do the hard things first, you are frustrated, so I think you should do fun first.

If it is FEBuilderGBA’s description, it is here.

About the event, I are planning to enhance the explanation a bit more.
Next time I’d like to explain the stage clear.

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Unfortunately, FE8 documentation for events is a bit messy. You’ll want to refer to both this guide from Arch for an explanation and to this guide for FE8 equivalent of things.

Arch’s guide has very good documentation, but there are some FE8 exclusive things that don’t appear in his guide since it’s not an FE8 guide. Main thing being memory slots but there’s probably more I’m forgetting.

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