Where do I begin exactly when starting a hack?

After a large amount of planning as to how I want my hack to be, but I don’t really know where to start.
Should I start working on maps, implementing the units, eventing?

If you haven’t done any sort of modding work yet, I recommend creating an outline for chapter progression.

Stuff like:
Chapter 1:

  • Brief plot summary
  • Goal: do a thing
  • X unit joins when player does Y
  • etc.

Chapter 2:
rinse and repeat

It will help get your thoughts organized.

When it comes to creating the chapter itself, I usually start with the map first. Mostly because the events are going to depend on the map being near complete. Once the map is inserted, I start rough drafting events and characters. Then I do a world map intro if needed (this step depends on if you’re using a world map at all). After that it’s testing, tweaks, and polish.

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If you dont know absolutely anything, i guess you sould start at the nightmare modules, all of them, screw many roms and try to fix what you have done, trust me, that is a good start, then Feditor, next events, next maps, but also, you need to know in wich software and skill you are the best, so you can specialize according to your talents, then you might find some help here, doing everything in a rom by yourself is hard as f…

I’m using spreadsheets and Event Assembler with buildfiles to do my hacking. FEditor is something I’m staying away from.