Where are Draco Zombie body animation placed at?


I’m using FE Builder.
It’s that one that automatically activates the background effect where the rest of the body popped up and roars.
I guess it’s similar to the demon king, i guess.
If you use the Draco Zombie to attack with your own control, you would only see it’s head. If you heal them or have a enemy draco zombie attack you, it will be then activated. I would like to find out where the sprites of the rest of the body are placed at, if anyone may know. And if possibly, to add new ones for specific classes.


I think that the rest is drawn in the background etc.
If you examine it with the graphic editor, it may come out, but it has not been discovered yet.

Processing is executed by FE8U (0806fa84 SpecialBattleBackgoundChange)
It is an argument that passes here to the r1 argument, it changes as becoming the demon king or dragon.
However, details have not been analyzed yet.

08057724 4802   ldr r0, [pc, #0x8] # pointer:08057730 -> 02000000 (WRAM )
08057726 6800   ldr r0, [r0, #0x0] # pointer:02000000 (WRAM )
08057728 2101   mov r1, #0x1
0805772A F018 F9AB   bl 0x0806fa84   //SpecialBattleBackgoundChange 
0805772E E006   b 0x805773e

08057730 0000 0200   //LDRDATA
08057734 48A9   ldr r0, [pc, #0x2a4] # pointer:080579DC -> 02000000 (WRAM )
08057736 6800   ldr r0, [r0, #0x0] # pointer:02000000 (WRAM )
08057738 2102   mov r1, #0x2
0805773A F018 F9A3   bl 0x0806fa84   //SpecialBattleBackgoundChange


If you are good with ASM take 7743 advice, if not, use my animation

There is a link in the description of the video


Ah, it’s you the one who did those, nice.
I already was using your animation, just for now


Hmm, i might see it but not be able to solve it. Ok, thanks