When has a glitch caused you to lose major progress on a hack?

Like the title says, when has something goofed up so bad that you’ve had to redo a lot of progress on a hack?
I suck at making backups so normally when something gets screwed up I lose an hour+ worth of progress, I’m also known for screwing up things are literally impossible to mess up so I spend more time redoing things than actually continuing the hack.

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Uninstalling Skill systems WILL make you lose progress, no matter how far you get the hack.

what’s a glitch

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Actually though a while back, I tried to insert like 20+ spells with FEditor once without saving, and everything was very broken. Didn’t lose too much time, but FEditor be like.


Last week i spent about an hour or three doing palettes only for FEBuilder to do its weird double instance thing, one being the correct one your working on and the other loaded the last save or something. And i must’ve closed the one with actual progress and that day forgot to make saves. Because that undid all the damn pallete work i had finished. To the point were currently i still do not have that up to speed.

For a while, I had a glitch with the modular minimug and skillsystems being installed at the same time, and they freaked out my game’s graphics. I had to redo 6 chapters worth of content. Pure trauma.

Skillsystems 2017 literally existing.

Back in the FEditor days, I was terrible at managing free space. FEditor did auto-patching, but for stuff like GBAGE (graphics that weren’t portraits or battle sprites) or Sappy (music) it was important to always keep track of where you were inserting stuff, something I did poorly. I would frequently break the game by inserting stuff over some important thing and causing that glitch where the game crashes as soon as it tries to transition from the map into battle animations. I would “fix” it by opening my changed rom and the most recent working backup in a hex editor, then copying/pasting large blocks of data from the latter to the former until the problem was reverted. Yes, I felt like a genius at the time, thanks for asking.


Gee, it would’ve been great to get a bug report or something. Instead, I had to go search the FEBuilder help channel of the FEU Discord to find what you were talking about. Your issue wasn’t the fault of the MMB, as it occurred during a Skill System calc loop, and even then it probably wasn’t even an error in the Skill System or the FEBuilder packaging of the Skill System, or everyone using it would have complained. It’s awfully rude to publicly name these two things as the reason you had to redo 6 chapters worth of content that caused you Pure trauma.


I’m terribly sorry then. I made too big of an assumption, I suppose. it would be kind of rude t the people who made them now that I think about it. Sorry about that.

I made a mistake in the insertion point and destroyed the chapter in the middle.
I didn’t have a backup, so I recreated it.

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I was once busy with a pretty big chapter. It was chapter 11 of Eirika’s route (the one with fog of war and monsters). I added multiple enemies, playable characters and other stuff you expect for a chapter like that, when suddenly FEBuilder decided that the attack range of units couldn’t be displayed anymore. I did not know how to fix this issue myself, so I closed FEBuilder. The range bug was not present in my backup, which was nice. Luckily enough, I still had most resources (portraits, animations etc.).

I remember one where the game would crash on level-up, making my game unplayable. I had to revert to a backup that scrapped a whole chapter and another one that was nearly finished, losing a whole week of progress.
Two days later, when I had already remade half of the thing I found out I was just misusing a patch and the whole bug was fixed just by changing a value. I was pissed but also happy .-.

Been a couple of months ago, so I forgot which hack was it that had this glitch. Most likely it has been fixed anyway, so I doubt it might be problematic now.

Anyway that glitch had something to do with the Mercenary and Hero classes when they are in combat against enemy magic users with certain tomes with custom animation. Had to redo everything again cause when the enemy magic user got attacked by one of my Hero or Mercenary unit, or was attacked by them, the entire screen went white and everything froze. And iirc, it was about halfway or two-thirds into said chapter of that FE hack.

I’ve rarely returned with an unknown glitch.
If anything, I do not like the event I made, so I use rewind to make it a crap.
Even if an unknown glitch occurs, you can get the answer by investigating it with the diff debug tool.
Since I discovered this method, it’s almost gone.