What's your opinion on these weapon splits?

  • Anima Valkyries
  • Light Valkyries
  • Sword Valkyries

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  • Axe Wyverns
  • Lance Wyverns

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  • Lance + Sword Cavaliers
  • Lance Cavaliers
  • Sword, Lance, and Axe Cavaliers as separate classes

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Hard to give a meaningful response w/o context to the other classes that are similar - ie I may be more inclined to vote lance wyvern if the pegasi use swords. Do mageknights exist? etc

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Mounted healers in general are tricky to balance in such a way that they don’t render non-mounted healers obsolete on non-desert maps, so I prefer the idea of Valkyries wielding Swords (compared to non-mounted healers wielding magic) to give them some type of extra tradeoff for their mounted utility.

I voted for Axe-oriented Wyvern classes, but to be honest I’m okay with them wielding Lances or Axes provided that Pegasus Knights and Wyvern Riders aren’t both wielding the same weapon type.

As for Cavaliers, I personally lean towards separate Cavalier subtypes (and by extension Armored Knights) for each Triangle weapon type, but really any approach to mounted units is fine provided they don’t have a constant net advantage over non-mounted units.

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The question was less about what’s best for gameplay and more about what feels right, you know?

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The thing with that is that “feeling right” is a vague way of putting it, because that can be interpreted a number of different ways. In my case (and maybe also Pandan’s), “feeling right” and “what’s best for gameplay” may in fact be one and the same.

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In my eyes what that meant was just “what fits the most personality wise”.

Lance+Sword cavs.

I sleep.

Mono cavs.

Awakening from my slumber…

Mono cavs and traditional cavs as separate classes in the same game?



For me, “valkyries” are Paladins with spears and celestial magic (holy magic + staves). So… I suppose I picked “light” then. Paladins usually serve as my only mounted mages, no mage knights.

Axe dracoknights were my pick. I usually go spear pegasus riders, so axe dracos to counter them.

Separate knight types, too. Sword, spear, axe, and bow. Horsemen and war knights serve as their promoted forms. I also lean towards having separate armors, albeit with two weapon types instead of one.

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