What's your favorite map in FE?

Thought I’d make a pretty chill topic, but what’s your favorite map in any mainline FE Game, and in what aspect do you enjoy it? (Visually, gameplay wise, story wise, etc)

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Chapter 11A in FE6. I love how big it is and all the side-objectives, and it feels like the most fair and balanced challenged I’ve seen in an FE map. I also just like maps that are in towns/cities. You also get Echidna here so that’s cool.


Final Holy War from FE4.
So many things going on while the triumphant music reminiscing the Birth of Holy Knight plays during Player Phase, not to mention it is the first appearance of the Deadlords archetype, the first time a player can experience getting triangle attack’d, and the introduction of the most broken weapon in FE history.


Thracia 776 Chapter 5

This. This map. Has everything. From Story and gameplay prespective. It kicks ass. The only thing i really hate about it is the chest at the bottom right. Like why, Kaga <.<

May not be my fav. Chapter in the series, but definetly my fav. in T776 and where Thracia peaked imo.

Conquest Chapter 10

The best defence chapter in the Series. Period. So much stuff to do, so much stuff to take care of. And while super tough, it’s also very fair.

In general, i want the conquest gameplay designers to work on FE again. Put them together with FE3H Story peeps for extreme hype.

Radiant Dawn Endgame

So far, the best Final boss in the seires. The map itself is nothing special (infact, it’s quite plain), but this is the first final boss in the series to have so many different attacks, AOE stuff and stuff you have to take care of first. It just isn’t an onverglorified mob unit like most of the final Bosses in the Series.

Three Houses Chapter 7

This one. The game hypes it up for all the game until there. And damn does it deserve all the hype. And the music. THE MUSIC. The unique Objective To defeat more enemies than the other 2 classes that forces you to play super aggresive. The amount of strong enemy units! Damn it Hilda stop 24 x 2’ing my whole Team. Damn it Golden Deer stop kicking Blue Lion’s ass, i need to kick their ass first! Poor Blue Lions, got sandwhiched between me and Golden deer xD. A Super Hype Battle.

In general, two things i give Three Houses credit for is that almost every map has multipe side objectives, and that the game is extremly Player Phase focused (I don’t wanna EP those 50+ ATK Wyvern Squad with their 62 Brave ATK! boss while my tankiest unit had 20 Prt xD)

Radiant Dawn 2-E

Also known as Elincia’s Gambit. One of the best in the series. If only Haar didn’t trivalize it so much XD.

Conquest Chapters 22, 23, 24

The Maps where you face Takumi, Sakura and Hinoka. Especially Sakura’s and Hinoka’s. So damn well design. So goooooooooooooooooood. How you’ve to play around the dragon veins, how you’ve to take the enemies’ Skills into consideration (not to mention their high quality), and how you navigate the map in general.

Sadly, they are followed by that atrocious Ryoma map.

Did i mention i love Conquest’s Map design? xD

Three Houses Chapter 12

The last chapter of Part 1. Wether on the attack or the defence, i found this map to be quite a fun challenge, and pretty damn fun. Honestly, it kinda reminds me of Radiant Dawn 3-13, but biiiiiig. Not to mention the Story relevance of the map. It’s where everything really starts kicking. One of the best gameplay/story integration maps in the series, without sacrificing either of them.

Berwick Chapter 3

Usually, when i see green units that needs to be protected, i find myself hating the map. Not the case here, as the whole split into 3 combined with the turn system makes for a really fun map!

Berwick Chapter 12-1

Berwick Fog is amazing, and this map makes the best use of it. Kill enemy scouts so you don’t get sniped, use your own ones and hide them, etc. Combined with the story beats and the music, makes for an amazing experiemce.

Vestaria Chapter 17

A prison infiltration map with so much stuff to fo. Like wow. It almost made it to #1 of all time if it wasn’t for the fact that half the map is on wasteland terrain while half your army is Horses. Still super fun despite that.

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Not one map in particular but unironically Sacae>Ilia, i hate that one Ilia map with Ballistae, Fog of war, snowstorm, a mountain pass, and Falco Knights. Sacae has Weaker enemies and plenty of Chokepoints you can use to your advantage

Also all the prologues, gaidens and Chapter 19 of FE12 really love those maps


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I got corrin killed the last enemy phase so now I hate this map

the first map of shadow dragon is one of the best designed maps in the series period.

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I like the FE11 Prologues and tutorials… Idk why though. I also really like chapters 5 and 14 of FE7. I also enjoy playing FE4’s prologue. FE3H chapter 7 is also really fun.

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I have a soft spot for good defensive map, they are especially good when they force you to challenge your habit. In general, I always value more gameplay and level design when looking at a map

Fire Emblem 7: Battle before Dawn
What’s great with this chapter is that it’s very different from a normal defensive chapter, since you start far from the objective, and potential recruitment, that you have to defend. You heed to rush inside the castle and quickly establish a defensive position in the center of the map, since both Nino and Zephiel won’t last long alone. But you still need to act with some cautions due to the fog of war, and the many reinforcements.

Fire Emblem 8: Last Hope
Much more classic than others, but I played it so much when I was a kid that like the rest of FE8 it have a special place in my heart. Nevertheless, the size of the map, many reinforcements coming from many sides, suicidal AI of the allies, make it a fun defensive map despite being quite classic

Fire emblem 10: Elincia’s Gambit

Tbh, like for the FE8 map, the fact that I played Fire Emblem 9 and 10 so much while younger make me more gentle towards those games. Nevertheless, in this chapter the level design really helps to build the climatic feeling of the Chapter. If you are not careful you can easily be surrounded and it can leads to very interesting situations, where you have to reorganizes your defences after one front collapse. The great things is that playing it offensively and defensively leads to two very different approach of the level, and being audacious is very well rewarded at the end of the Chapter.
The main downside of the map is that it can be trivialized with the right units (like with Haar) since the boss is easily accessible.
Also, I have a shameful liking for Blood Contract. Sure, having mainly feline laguz foes (so units without way to attack from afar) in a chapter like that is a really bad idea, which leads to ridiculous situations where you just have some units on the top of the climbable wall firing at them. The only real “danger” are flying laguz. But I liked the late twist of the chapter, where after putting in place your tactic to repel a gigantic horde of laguz, the Greil Mercenaries casually arrive to crush the lines of defences and last hope of Daein.

Fire Emblem Dark Lord and the Maiden of Light: chapter 25

Probably one of the most fun and clever map I played in a Fire Emblem game. But for those who don’t want to spoil themselves the surprise, don’t read further. At first, you enter the map thinking it will be a chill defensive map (to breath a bit after the previous chapter who was also a defensive map, but quite hard). Your army is split in four groups, surrounded by water, and your natural goal is mostly to reunite your troops in the center of the map, to fight more easily the new waves of foes. But then in the middle of the chapter:
the map and objective completely change and you are now in a fire cavern and have less than ten turn to kill the boss on the other sides of the map.

It’s a really great way to surprise the player and force him to adapt to those totally new conditions in one chapter. And the level design of the first half of the Chapter already hints the player to use some units that will be useful in the second half: flyers are great units to reunite your troops, since they can fly above water and rescue others units, and in the second half they are now very useful for your rush on the boss.

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Conquest Ch21 with full deployment

Always such a rush that never grows stale for me

Taking from the one’s I remember I guess:

24x from Fire Emblem Thracia 776.

While it’s somewhat a nightmare, it’s challenging and fairly tolerable in a gameplay perspective, but what it excells is to make me feel the greatness of both my enemies and my own army, it does have the feel meant to be lategame you know? But also, the context and whole journey make it worth it’s place, specially on the after conversations you get, which may be one of the bests I’ve saw.

Ch 3 from New Mystery

I feel like it’s a classic one, really focused at positioning and I love it, challenging and well distributed regarding enemies.
Also I feel nostalgic about it so +1.

For similar reasons I’d put also Ch 8.

Chapter 11A and 13 from Biding Blade.
One is among my favorite village maps, It has an style that I like, making me avoid taking too long to get to action while dealing with enemy pressure, it also is the chapter that introduces us to one of my favs from FE6 and it didn’t did much wrong mostly.

The other is, really unique AT LEAST, but I like how I need to be cautious and I never really played the chapter the same way each run, this indicates it’s fairly flexible and depending on my team it may lead to different strats.

Ch 9 Shadow Dragon.

It’s actually really fun and made me think kinda lot, I love the tileset and in my opinion it looks awesome and is very functional.

Ch 6 and 10 again from Thracia 776.

6 is my favorite village map. It’s just unique while being awesome, it feels refreshing for the pace the game takes at that part, and it’s basically a chapter which makes the best of past mechanics and new ones unique to the game. We also get some lore flavor so win/win.

Chapter 10 is unique in design, which is really a shame, it does so much in a minimalist space that other games failed to do so well.


Back when I used to play FE7 over and over again, Crazed Beast was always one of the highlights. I like how you start in the center and need to branch out and take the three castles that each specialize in different unit types. It’s also at a point in the game when the player units have gotten pretty strong, so you don’t need to play all that defensively despite everything that’s coming at you.

I also really like FE4 Chapter 3, mostly for the last third. Claud and Tailtyu fighting for their lives in the north and joining up with Brigid always feels like a really fun high stakes moment. Although, the comparable Shannon and Patty set up in Chapter 7 manages to be terrible because of how RNG dependent it is. It’s so easy for it to fall apart if Shannon gets hit by a Jormungand.

I also generally like maps that feel like the culmination of a story arc like the Dragon’s Gate because they just feel a lot more meaningful.


Chapter 7 of FE4 because you get Shannan there.

I’d say normal Cog of Destiny and Victory or Death. I love big clashes and the inevitable stakes that come with it.

I’d agree with that guy saying Last Hope. The heroes have a BSOD, and they have to snap out of it…fast.

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Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War Chapter 7

I just love how You control Shannan and Patty Escape from Yied well you control Leif, Nanna and Finn defending Leonster and the best part is where Seliph and Ares comes in forming the
3 great trios. Seliph Leif and Ares.

fe11 chapter 10
probably the most fun and challenging early game chapter i had.

none but the most hated of all is literally chapter 7,8,9

fe5 chapter 4
perfectly designed map that really just captures the feel of trying to help your friends escaping a prison.

fe5 chapter 5
crazy sh** happenings of this map makes it really entertaining to play

fe5 chapter 14
the best defense chapter of all hands down. conquest chapter 10? elincia’s gambit? Bore! no one can beat the OG

fe5 final chapter
probably the most unique final chapters of all nuff said

hard because 60% of the maps literally pisses me off. Uhh I guess chapter 11a gives a little bit more of a fun challenge but this map is just stupidly chaotic if your playing blind and want all rewards

fe7 battle before dawn or lategame chapters except the gaidens

fe8 chapter 14 ephraim and desert map

fe14 cq chapter 20
ngl people may hate this chapter but for me this chapter is fun actually. The wind bs makes it annoying but it adds some unique puzzly challenge to it.

fe14 cq chapter 25, final chapter
these chapters are so over the top because of their bosses being literal badasses and the maps are well designed too.

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FE6 Chapter 21 - The Binding Blade:
Great end game chapter, lots of deployment slots lets you use people who are usually on the bench, or prepromote Geese and have him tank the wyverns in the peaks.

FE8 Chapter 5x - Unbroken Heart:

FE10 Part 1 Chapter 4 - A Distant Voice:

FE11 Chapter 8 - Port Warren:
FE11 Chapter 10 - Princess Minerva:
FE11 Chapter 16 - The battle for Altea:
FE11 Chapter 18 - The Sable Order:

Fuck Fe12’s maps

FE13 Chapter 20 - The sword or the knee

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Whaaaat!? But Chapter 7 was so much fun. but the bosses and how long the map is, I can understand.

Not fun for me but the bosses are rather annoying. Adept bolting boss is one of the worst ways to hurt me while playing a game. Call me a pussy but that boss design is just god damn awful.

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I understand. at least we can agree Chapter 8 is the worst. speaking of chapter 8, I never played Genealogy of the holy war. I’m on chapter 8 as we speak. I don’t know what will happen next but all I know is Seliph and Lief is going to get there revenge for their Parents!

Sigurd and Quan!

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