What's your current Hackers Block?

You know how writers hit a block/wall where they just cant think of anything to write etc etc?

What is yours currently? Opening FE Builder staring at it for X minutes, and then doing almost nothing and closing it.

Right now it’s mapping for me. I’m in the end stages of the hack, but I REALLY REALLY don’t want to make anymore maps, it’s just killing me so much. And I’m upto date on most everything else so I just sit there and stare :grinning:


Time to delegate tasks

For me it’s music, I can edit the same piece for hours despite the differences so minimal and usually no one really notices the changes other than me
Although I guess it’s more of getting stuck vs a block

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For me, since I’ve abandoned my own hopes for a project, I’m mostly just focused on individual portraits/animations/etc

At the moment, my major hacking block is figuring out what to do next. I’ve now made two fullbodies of the characters I care the most about, spending nearly 30 hours on each, and I just… don’t have any other plans. Slotting so much time for them now just leaves a void where there wasn’t one before.

Hoping that I’ll figure out what I want to do next soon, although I’m pretty sure I’ll be scripting Obs’s Lance Seliph.

also ask me for maps pog

making a hack


Maybe not so much a block but I’m stuck in the world building/designer phase, so I haven’t even started any proper hacking…

But i want to layout a good story, or at least one that can lead to an enjoyable game! It has been a lot more difficult than i imagined, especially since I have to sort of fit within the constraints of a fire emblem game (many units, opposing army, the need for travel in order to see new maps and environments).

Maybe i am just overthinking it all!


Making portraits is a real struggle for me. Like I know everything about my character but visualizing them and trying to make something actually original is really hard.

I have a bunch of gameplay changes that I want to implement, and a good idea of how to implement them, but I just can’t get around to darngosh doing it. I want to really get my plans for gameplay down pat from the get-go this time because last time I attempted to make a project, I decided “make it vanilla now; change it up later” but that just resulted in the changes not being made and it was just several chapters of More FE8.

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I think you are in slump.
I think the best way to improve slump is to get feedback.
Find someone who can broadcast the game live, have them play it, and get feedback.
Seeing other people playing your game will give you a lot of ideas for improvement.

You may also want to try playing other people’s games.
You might get some good tips.
If you broadcast it live, it will bring great feedback to the author of the game.

I can’t play your game easily because of the language barrier,
but I think it’s important to give feedback to each other.


I just get bored and start either studying or modding EU4.

Currently it is fitting all of the dialogue in. Everytime I try to write something, it doesn’t feel good. I think it is either too cringe, beating around the bush too much or it just doesn’t feel right. I usually end up doing something else but writing dialogue. Then when I finally bring myself up to writing dialogue, it usually does not turn out that bad.

I also hit a roadblock with the route split in my hack. I did not know if I wanted to keep it, or replace it with something else. I have made a decision on that now though. I was mostly struggling with how the story would continue, but I’ve worked something out now! :smiley:


Real Life lol. But aside from that i can´t really explain why or when but it just happens. That and just sometimes just not making any pogress due to sitting around fixing 1 thing that leads to another to then minutes of pondering if i should do A or B but then i pick neither.

I agree with 7743. If you’re stuck it can be helpful to get some feedback and discuss with others. You may get some new ideas and feel inspired.

Usually when I get tired of a specific task, I’d swap to something else. Knowing when to put out a release and get feedback usually helps me figure out what else I could do and maybe get more ideas based on what others are saying.


I got a switch and fire emblem three houses two days ago

yep I’m not gonna get much work done for a month or two


Visuals. I do every aspect of the hack myself, and man oh man am I not a good sprite artist. Most of my maps don’t look very good either, and all my UI is vanilla at the moment.


I am bad at writing.


I just wanna play RDR2 instead.

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I have too many ideas.
Also I started playing this shining gem of a game:

For me its a conundrum were I either do mapping or hacking. This can obviously slow the process of working on a project were I go through a batch of maps and then there is a long period of not being all that productive. Or just not doing either as has been the case for months now.

With that being said most of the work that goes into maps is polishing, and so id be happy to help on that front Arcane if you so wish.

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I’m stuck a writing with my current hacks, but in general, is creating a world that is good enough for me to make a hack of it…


For me, it’s balancing. Finding the sweet spot between challenging and fun. There are currently chapters that will have little to no room for error and other chapters were if you really look at it the answer is in your face the whole time. There are also chapters were going to fast or to slow will cost you dearly. Yet sometimes I feel the my game also goes to slow :woman_facepalming:t2: