What's your best Female Lord Idea?

I’ll go first.
From Queen to Wandering Sword Master,
Misa Yeha, after the murder of her two children and the assassination of her husband she was forced to abandon her home land and now wanders the plains in search for answers


cute is justice.

yeah. lol.

This maxim also had a strong influence on anime works and games.
The protagonists are cute, the villains are not cute.
Therefore, the best Female Lord must be cute.
Because cute is justice.


Empress. uses swords, anima, lances, has incredibly high spd, res and lck and can move 6 spaces.

Someone who’s entering the middle-aged period of their life and is already married and satisfied with their political position, until a pesky Fire Emblem story starts playing out. Now all they want to do is protect their estate, family, people, etc, while the plot gets rolling and they get dragged farther in. This would be just as interesting with a male character, but I feel there’s a bit more emphasis on the fact that this character is clearly past the late-teen/young adult age that’s marketable to both kids and adults. It would be like if a typical Fire Emblem game were to show things from the perspective of the main character’s parents instead of killing them off early. Maybe this character has a plucky 16-year-old lord for a son, who dies or constantly has to be saved because he keeps trying to go on adventures.

Ideas like this are where fan games really shine, because we don’t have to worry about marketing executives barging into our rooms and shouting that we need to make the main character cute and young to make the game sell more.

That being said, why not just “best lord idea”? You can take almost any situation with a male main character and swap the gender just fine.


Whatever my lord idea is. It should work for Female and Male there should be no reason it’s different unless it’s actually relevant to the story. aka you can swap Eirika and Ephraim and the story wouldn’t change. Same with Edelgard and Dimitri.


7743’s saying what we’re all thinking. And he’s correct.


More female representation would be nice to have in hacks. The community here is predominantly male, it seems, so female characters are often not the focus of good writing. Eg. They’re sometimes written as nothing more than basic tropes such as the mary sue or the tsundere. This bothers me.

A hack like VQ seems to handle female characters well, though, from what I’ve seen. The lead doesn’t necessarily need to be female, but more of that might be nice to see.

I often think of the Bechdel Test when watching/reading content. To pass this test, 2 or more female characters must have a conversation with each other about anything other than a man.

According to user-edited databases and the media industry press, about half of all films meet these criteria.

A huge amount of things fail this very basic test. I think we should strive to improve on this.


“I know my parents were great magicians, but I’m going to punch stuff.”

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a lord who is really epic


The reason it’s cute is because of the sales, which is probably true (lol).
But if you think about it within the game world, I think this theory is the most compelling.

Why are the FE’s main characters all beautiful men and women?

This is for propaganda.

It often happens that legendary heroes are beautified.
To exaggerate the legitimacy of their wars, they are portrayed as more beautiful than they actually are, and this has been done repeatedly in history.
The villains are exaggerated to be worse than they really are, and the righteous side is exaggerated to be more just.
Since this is a story from a time when photography had not yet been invented, we have no way of knowing what kind of person he really was.


it’s not really that in depth. humans, in general, just prefer young, attractive people and relate to them more.

I agree with what’s been said here, that the main idea of a good character is well, a good character. The idea that the character’s gender should be a major part of it is something I’m not very fond of. Find a compelling idea first that’s based on other things than stereotypes.

Just because the character’s gender was involved I don’t see how that leads it to being based on stereotypes. I chose female lord simply to make it specific and because of the lack of main female leads. I do agree the main idea of a good character is a good character. However male, female, dog, demon, do they have a mount etc… Helps to add to those ideas making them stand out. If Seth (from Fe8) wasn’t a paladin, but instead a mere solider. His character changes drastically. If Natasha (From Fe8) was male, her character changes as well. Perhaps not as drastic all a class change but still a change. This isn’t even to go into deeper thinking of what’s the time period of the game or the real life region they reside in. And so much more

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Oh, I agree. Being specific is not the same as making a stereotypical character. I’m sorry if it came across in a offensive way. What I meant was more that there are lots of examples where more interesting characteristics of a character takes the back seat compared to more nuanced things that are based on other things than gender.

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And I’m sorry if I came across in an offensive way as well. Looking back I kinda took what you said and misunderstood. Because I agree there are so many great things a Character can have but them simply being a pretty face male or female people will only care about that and nothing else. And it completely takes away from the character.


I usually write women the same way as I write men, so I’ll just agree with 7743. Cute is justice.

I don’t find the question to be offensive, but that’s the only real answer I have for you. I have made female lords and I will make at least one more female lord, but the plan I have would work whether they were male or female.

A pregnant fe lord could be cool, but I won’t do that. Have to address ethical concerns of sending a pregnant woman onto the battlefield, and that’s a bit heavy for me.


A magic-using dark pegasus rider suddenly found amidst the plains, unconcious, by certain people rushing by the area. Capable of using dark magic, as well as flying atop her pegasi (6 mov unpromoted, 8 after promo; recieves no new ranks after promotion either) she possesses unparalelled offensive capabilities (having unmatched growths in magic and speed, and mayyybe skill if hitrates become a concern) but extremely poor stats elsewhere (past the very earlygame, she will never have the hp/defenses needed to survive even a single hit, with additional poor growths in these areas as well). This reflects her personality being melancholic, yet also impulsive at the same time, while keeping a restrained behaviour to the best of her abilities (though not perfect); all of this while also hinting as the great, explosive magic potential that she has, being able to constantly improve herself at a very rapid pace, keeping up with the opposition at all times, though her poor durability may hint at some rather questionable, possibly even ominous, elements in the background…After promotion, may also recieve the skills galeforce and life and death, further shooting her glass cannon status through the roof.


Female mother-like monster, I think a fire emblem where monsters defend their territory from greedy humans hunting them for exp would be funny and the use of monsters is quite underdeveloped in FE.


person who gets sad when people die basically


This has potential. Very rough quick idea. A bael mother, who has a son who is more human than bael unlike her who is woman on top bael bottom. She used to be evil, now she only wants her son to have a chance at life she never had. This also leads us into monster wars with clashes between different types of monsters.