What's the main reason you play Fire Emblem?

Let’s get this discussion settled, I also wanted to know just out of curiosity.
Choose the option which is the biggest reason you’ve decided to play FE and stay with
the series in general.

  • I play for the story.
  • I play for the gameplay.
  • I play for the graphics/visuals.
  • I play for the characters.

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Where’s the “I play for the dating sim aspect.” answer?


that would technically fall under characters.

should have had multi select
so i could pick everything


Yes… the characters, not ever objectifying them based on the visuals presented. No, that would be wrong :sweat_smile:. The fanart that fills /r/fireemblem is definitely for the characters ahem.


Where’s the “I play to see what crazy things I can do in the constraint of the engine” option?


the community is epic


game fun

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I was hoping there would be a “Yes” option


Where’s the “I only play Fire Emblem out of a sense of nostalgia for my childhood and a desperate attempt to fill the void that is my cold, dead heart” haha am I right guys?

haha am I right?


Where’s the “I play to hack” option?

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Seeing Numbers Go Up arouses me.

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I came to Fire Emblem because of Smash, I stayed because of the gameplay and story.

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I play fire emblem because it’s fun, op. It doesn’t need to be more complicated than that.

you guys play fire emblem? disgusting. play a good game like elebits instead.

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This is the kind of question I can almost never answer when asked for a “multiple choice”-type response, since the real reason I play has to do with the synergy of multiple elements and no one part really stands out as the “main” thing or the thing I like “most”.

I guess I miiiight say “gameplay” on account of it’s something I like about Fire Emblem that isn’t really replicated in hardly any of the other games I play, so I guess that’d be the “least redundant within my sphere of interests” thing I like about it.

What I like about Fire Emblem is really the same as what I like about most RPGs… for me it’s really about “how it all comes together”. The appeal for me is generated by the particular way in which a good RPG is able to become considerably more than the sum of its parts.

This is a rather abstract sort of thought that’s hard to properly articulate. Thank you for bearing with me.


1, 2, 3… 4, 5, 6… 7… 8… 9…


Do I need to flag this as NSFW?

Jokes aside- In response to OP: I enjoy the strategical challenges it provides without focusing too much on attrition. (Advance wars can get a little slow, especially if you like to mech rush)
I enjoy that it’s an RPG which can be played quickly rather than being bogged down by animations like pokemon, and you actually have to use different battle formations instead of just pressing the “Fight” button till you get to a high enough level.

The parts I dislike about the series is where it feels too much like a JRPG (legendary swords, grinding, slow progression) or too much like a shonene anime (big boobies, 2 dimensional characters, artificial cookie cutter plots.)

I think the rare moments in FE where gameplay and story/characters archs go together really well make those magical moments which few other videogames can recreate.

Imagine playing FE when you could be playing Yggdra Union instead

Because they have plenty handsome male playable character ~

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“It’s like Advance Wars, but you can level up.” This description of the game is actually what sold me on Fire Emblem as a kid. “It’s the game that Marth and Roy are from” was just a bonus. It really left an impression on me how an RPG can work and tell a compelling story in the framework of units moving around on the map (the characters being actual units on the map made everything feel so real compared to Advance Wars with its COs existing only in dialogue boxes), and raising your favourite units and watching them grow is always fun.