What's the best FE hack you've played and state why

I’m back for your opinions and its all in the title ^3^ still taking notes since still can’t download FEbuilder (sobs in corner), anyway for the why part, state the reason why it’s best one you’ve played.
ex. “This hack is good because it has good units, map mechanics, gameplay blah blah blah” something like that.


Vision Quest Hands down, good portraits, close to vanilla gameplay, cool maps and most of all Interesting story. Lemme just say robbin a village as a group of thieves in the 1st map is one hell of an opening. Also Blonde Jaegen rouge!! seriously though in contrast to the vanilla + gameplay the story is very non conventional in a very good way. Conflict of politics as a main theme for the crew is very interesting, it’s far more than a “uuu blue hair guys leads army defeats emperor mega bad” also the second unit cast are a nice addition mid way through the game giving more diversity to playable characters and depth to the main political conflict.


Iron Emblem. Good difficulty, core FE gameplay, fun map design.


haven’t played through a lot of them so I don’t have a lot of experience but still Vision Quest.
It just plays so well and has such an interesting story, I also love the fact that most of the music isn’t from vanilla, it really enhances the hack IMO (also I can’t get the dang prep menu music out of my head).

Dark Dragon Reborn is a really cool FE1 remake with some FE11 mechanics.

Fire Emblem BR is a FE MOBA that’s so cool and it has only improved with time.

Project Ember. Need I say more? It makes FE6 replayable and anti-tedious!


As far as completed hacks go, I’d say The Last Promise. It never fails to amaze me how much this hack was able to do 10 years ago. The story and writing get pretty dumb at times, but they’re at least consistently entertaining. But the gameplay is what I obviously value more, and I think TLP is a great lesson for people on good unit feel (FE7 normal mode exp gain does help with this, to be fair). The majority of units in this game feel good to use, even if they’re not necessarily good. Like, Zach is bottom tier, but he’s got good offensive bases and comes with a killer bow, so he’s not painful to use in the way someone like Rebecca is. I also enjoy a surprising amount of the maps in this game, partly because of the units I get to use in them. Having all my fliers go ham in chapter 26 will forever be super fun.


aghh who’s that armor knight you get early? Kevin I think? dude tanked 80% of the game for me, def the best unit feel I’ve ever experienced, like he isn’t OP or anything because of low move but just hearing that “Ding!!” over and over again was hella satisfying


It’s always hard for me to choose since there’s much to appreciate about each work. Going to focus on positives here.

When it comes to [complete] hacks, my Top 5 are:

  • Road to Ruin: Dope aesthetic, never drags in terms of gameplay. All around well put together. I find it to be one of the easiest older hacks to pick up and replay.
  • Sword of Heaven & Earth: It recreates the feeling of FE6 really well, has lots of units (Feeler!!), and innovates in map design/objectives really well (especially for the time it was built).
  • The Last Promise: It still impresses me how much Blazer was able to do with the tools at the time, and how it is still more polished visually than most projects. The soundtrack is also top notch.
  • Order of the Crimson Arm: Strong early game, unit design, and good map ideas.
  • The Heroes We Deserve: Humorous, unique, creative, and has strong visual presentation and eventing.

I’m excited to see Seven Siblings, Sacred Echoes, and Souls of the Forest wrap up dev soon and think they will all top “best of” lists once more people experience them.


Dark Lord and the Maiden of Light.
Its a very good game, thought though I think it had very step digficult spikes. The story and characters are very good and I enjoyed the cast (Though many of the male one are on the weak side).
The tactician and the lord have a very good relationship, the tactician is more enjoyable than Crimson arm’s.
The villains are good, Zahak and Max are very good antagonists though maybe Zahak could have appeared sooner but I guess he was never meant to antagonize you that much because of the reveal of his background.
Liked that the avatar character has a female only support list and the lord, in a community that revels on not being very recent FE friendly (At least most seem to not use them as inspiration for their hacks, hence many dont have avatar units and only 2 hacks actually use them how I want them in) this makes Dark Lord and Maiden of light a must for me who likes current FE more.
In all the game could have passed for a FE game and really makes me wish the devs did another game.


Vision Quest by far
It has interesting story quite likeable gameplay & good map design with interesting casts of playable characters.


Fire Logo: Legend of John, because John is the chosen one.


that’s my second after VQ, The end game is for real mega hard though, how’d you kill the final boss form 2? i needed to box the guy in with my strongest units with perfect positioning (didn’t want my charcs to die lol)

There is a lot of great hack around, and a lot more that I still haven’t tried, but I really like Dark Lord and the Maiden of Light ! It felt so much like a gba fire emblem that I would have played when I was a kid ! There is also some very clever ideas of level design, that blown my mind ! The only things that I’m less fan about the hack is the endgame, because the spike of difficulty is very sharp compared to the rest of the game :sweat_smile:

But like other said, I’m always very impressed by The Last Promise, Blazer was a teenager in a times with few hacking tools and he delivered something very solid in terms of game design ! Also, I have a soft spot for Sun God’s Wrath, when I come back to romhacking (after trying TLP and Elibean’ Night years before) it was the first hack I tried and, with the overflow of contents it has, I was like “Wow FE romhacking really get very far since last time I checked” :laughing: